Moon Palace Paradise


My trip to Mexico has come to an end. I’ve been back in New York City for a week and it took that full week to recuperate and assimilate back into worker bee mode. Our stay in Playa Del Carmen at Hotel la Semilla was an absolute dream. My boyfriend and I are still reminiscing about the amazing time we had there. The last leg of our trip was a 45 minute ride away to Cancun to stay at the lovely Moon Palace Resort for my friends wedding. Although the experience was different it was still wonderful. It was the first time we slept on the beach, the first time we swam in a pool and ate as much as the all inclusive resort allowed. I’m pretty sure I gained 5 pounds eating delish tacos and steak everyday and practically my only source of liquid came in the form of pina coladas and margaritas..oh and mimosas.

IMG_1002 IMG_1652 IMG_1368 IMG_1671 IMG_1434 IMG_1058 IMG_1725 IMG_1336 IMG_1164 IMG_1664 IMG_1192 IMG_1267 IMG_1465 IMG_1145

Look 1: Ale by Alessandra Ambrosia Joshua Tree Bathing Suit | Brixton Hat

Look 2: Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suit

Look 3: Ekineyo Top | Tory Burch fringe Skirt via The Real Real | Tibi Sandals

It was blazing hot in Mexico, and the humidity fogged my camera insides up every time I stepped outside. Most of the photos taken during my Mexico getaway where taken with my T2i Canon with a self timer. My boyfriend did help with a few photos as well. This is the first time I’ve done self time photos for the blog (the first few were a few months ago and only posted to instagram). I have a greater appreciation now for those bloggers who manage to take their own photos. It’s pretty damn hard especially being that I didn’t have a remote timer and had to run back and forth about a hundred million times to take all 1500K+ photos I took during this vacation. It was super fun though and I can wait to delve deeper into taking my own photos. I hope you all enjoyed this trip with me. I now have a serious travel bug and have been looking into Japan and Thailand as well as Joshua Tree. I’ve always wanted to go to Joshua Tree and think that will be my next move. A serene desert getaway with nothing but stars and dust (its been a dream of my to visit the desert).

For now its back to the hustle and bustle of New York. Fall is officially here and I’m actually getting excited about it. The crisp in the air had led me to break out my favorite leather jacket. I’m also in the process of putting away my Spring and Summer gear and breaking out my Fall and Winter wardrobe. I am planning a massive downsize of my wardrobe. I wish there was a way to just sell it all because it’s some pretty amazing pieces, but its so daunting to think about getting it all online. It’d take me forever! Any who, back to real life and back to Fall and Winter posts. To check out more of my Mexican Vacation check out hashtag #MonroeDoesMexico or my instagram.




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