I’m a Caribbean island gal at heart. I’ve gone to Bermuda a few times. Once I even hosted a trip there! I’ve also been to Barbados quite a bit for Crop Over to enjoy a weeks worth of amazing parties and activities and of course to Play Mas! St. Kitts was the 3rd Caribbean Island I’ve ever visited and it didn’t disappoint. If anything, it fueled my desire to visit even more islands to experience the different histories, unique foods and cultures. I was invited by the Tourism Board of St. Kitts to experience St. Kitts Restaurant Week and I had an incredible time eating my way through this amazing island. So if you plan on visiting St. Kitts (and you definitely should), I’ve compiled a list of things you must do, see and of course stupendous places to eat! Make sure to save and share this post for your next island adventure!


American Airlines just began their direct flights to and from St. Kitts from Miami International Airport. It’s a super quick 3 hour flight so it works out great for a weekend trip from Miami!

Kayan Jet Transfers: Book the Kayan Jet Experience. A luxury car is waiting for you after deplaning and will whisk you away to a premier lounge where you will enjoy a quick meal and champagne while the attendants get your bags and handle your customs. I thoroughly enjoyed not having to wait for my bags or going through customs the traditional way. The meal they served was delicious salmon and after that 3 hour flight, kicking back in a push chair while eating was just what I needed. I highly recommend this service to cut down on confusion with customs as well.


St. Kitts Marriott: I had the luxury of staying at the St. Kitts Marriott which boasts it’s own casino, several pools with swim up bars and it’s own private beach! I enjoyed the spacious rooms and the bathrooms even had bidets! I also looked forward to the delicious breakfast buffets every morning with everything your heart could desire..including festival!

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Christophe Harbour: Although I didn’t personally stay here, we did get to visit the grounds and tour this hotel and it is absolutely breathtaking. It’s a little further away from the main town so would be great for couples or for a special getaway where you’re looking to unplug. It’s more modern than it’s counterparts and gives a visually aesthetic vibe if that’s what you’re into.


If you can make it to St. Kitts definitely go during their Music Week, Restaurant Week or Carnival because you will have so my options of exciting things to do, see and experience. During St. Kitts Restaurant Week all of the restaurants we visited had special menus with unbeatable prices, so you get the most of the cuisine for your money! From vegetarian menus to rum tastings there is something for every palate in St. Kitts. Below, are just a few of the places I had the opportunity to dine at that I highly recommend.


Marshalls is in entire vibe and great for a romantic dinner. It’s perched in a residential area on a cliff where you can look out onto the sea and Nevis, St. Kitts sister island in the distance. This restaurant also has a pool. I had one of the best meals in St. Kitts at Marshalls. I went with steak and it was one of the most delicious steaks I’ve ever had. We also got to meet the chef who was a gem.

Spice Mill

Spice Mill is perfect for lunch because it’s right on a private beach. You can eat and then go take a dip in the ocean. The water is pristine and beautiful with mountains in the distance as you sit and eat. The Jerk Nachos and the homemade lemonade are a must. I also enjoyed my mahi mahi fish dish with rice and peas. Oh they have Jerk Pizza too! Bring your bathing suit for a dip after you digest your delectable meal.

Carambola Beach Club

Carambola Beach Club is a sophisticated fun party vibe. It has it’s own private beach and they have a DJ spinning all the latest tunes. When we went there was a buffet style menu with about 5-6 different stations of varying cuisines, from vegan to sushi, to desserts and of course meats and fishes. I enjoyed the vibes of this restaurant the most. People dress up and go and have an amazing time. The crowd is fun too. I LOVED the food. Everything was stellar and I’m most definitely going back the next time I’m in St. Kitts.

Ital Creations

Ital Creations was a treat because it’s vegetarian and all of the ingredients are from the garden of the restaurant. We got to have a tour of the gardens which included tons of vegetables, herbs and fruits. I got a quick lesson is what foods help with digestion and illness as well as got to eat fresh mangos from the tree. This is a local place and it’s a must especially if you’re plant based.


When it comes to things to do and see there’s so much that St. Kitts has to offer. I wish I had the time to get over to Nevis the sister island which is a quick ferry ride over, but I’ll have to plan that for my return visit. If you’re the adventurous type, the beach type or a mixture of both, there’s something for everyone in St. Kitts.

Timothy Hill Overlook

Take a car up to Timothy Hill Overlook for a breathtaking view of St. Kitts as well as Nevis in the distance and the point at which the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea meet the island. The view will leave you awestruck and speechless. We spent about 15 minutes here and I was able to get some stunning photos and videos to commemorate the moment!

Old Road Rum Tour + Rum Tasting

This was one of my favorite events planned for us by St. Kitts Tourism. We got to learn about the history of rum making in St. Kitts. We started the tour with a delicious cocktail as we walked the property revealing all of the history of Old Road Rum. Then we had the opportunity to do a rum tasting which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you want to learn more of the history of St. Kitts, this is a must do. Also if you love rum, this is a must do!

Rainforest Tour with Tour Guide O’Neill

This was the highlight of my trip to St. Kitts. I’m a nature girl and this was a venture I’ll never forget. From swinging on vines, climbing tree stumps, eating fresh mangos, learning about different leaves and wildlife, this experience was wonderful. O’Neill was stellar in his approach to the tour as well. I learned a lot and was intrigued with all of the knowledge he dropped on us throughout the tour. Dress appropriately because you’re in the rainforest and it can get sticky, hot and messy real quick! Bring sneakers, a waist pack and a bottle of water for your journey and thank me later!

Rum Making at Spice Mill with Hibiscus Spirits

In the same building at Spice Mill Restaurant there is Hibiscus Spirits where you can take a quick and fun rum making class! I was able to measure out and make my very own rum to my own specifications and likes! This was such a great group activity so if you’re on a group trip, this is a must! You’ll leave with your own bottle of home made rum!


St. Kitts is hot and humid so pack accordingly. Easy breezy linen dresses are perfect for day events. Make sure to pack plenty of hats, especially for tours! The sun is hot and you’ll want the extra protection. Of course pack your swimsuits because the water in St. Kitts especially on the Caribbean side is gorgeous and you’ll want to hop right in. A good sized tote goes a long way too, especially if you’re not staying in St. Kitts proper. There will be 15-20 travel times from one side of the island to the other and you’ll want a bag that stores everything you may need.

Hopefully this blog post was helpful for those looking to add St. Kitts to the list of places to visit! If you are a St. Kitts resident or you’ve been to St. Kitts and Nevis and have more ideas of places to eat and stay and things to do, please drop them in the comments! I’d love for this blog post to be a resource for people looking to visit St. Kitts. My experience was incredible. I had a blast and the people of St. Kitts are welcoming and so kind. I’m looking forward to visiting again soon.

Special thanks to the St. Kitts Board of Tourism for the opportunity. Don’t forget to check out my St. Kitts Travel Vlog for more details.

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    I enjoyed your trip gurl! Thank you for sharing. I felt like I was traveling with you! The fashion was on point and it was just fun to watch you live your best life! Congratulations

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  9. LaVerne Liburd
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    This was a beautiful vlog that showcased part of my family birthplace. I was amazed by all of the breathtaking views, the food, the spirits() and of course the good people. Monroe, you did not disappoint at all. I’m ready to take that trip and most of all you looked beautiful and fit right in with the Kittian Vibe ❤️

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