VIDEO: Partying in Bermuda VLOG 1

My first Bermuda Vlog is LIVE! Alicia and I went to Bermuda 2 years ago and have been itching to get back. This time we went for LIVBDA a 3 Day Party in Bermuda. It was everything we hoped it would be and I had such a great time that I needed a vacation after my vacation! We laughed, danced, drank and partied. The one thing I love so much about Bermuda is the hospitality. Bermudians are quite literally the nicest people ever! We wanted for nothing this entire trip. We got rides from complete strangers no less that 5 times. We were never lacking a drink in our hand our a cool fact about Bermuda in our ears. I am definitely returning next year, perhaps for Carnival or Cup Match. For more details from this VLOG check out the Description Section under this video on my YouTube Channel and don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE.





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