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I am a very outgoing person and would describe myself as an extrovert. I am loud and funny and I love making people laugh. I like to sing and sometimes I dance down the street with my headphones on while listening to oldies music. I have no problem making a fool out of myself if it will put a smile on someones face, or being very vocal about how I feel about any given subject. I love making conversation and engaging in conversation and socializing. I have however always loved my down time. I live alone. I like reading my magazines quietly. I like reading my kindle on the train or listening to my podcasts on the way home from work. I like my alone time, and the older I get the more I like it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not headed for a million cats and a collection of figurines, but this past weekend solidified the fact that, I melt down after having to socialize for more than 5 hours.

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Photography by Mike Crew of LOE

Choker: Vanessa Mooney via Shopbop | Top: Brave Soul via Boohoo | Pants: Derek Lam via Sample Sale | Boots: Stella McCartney via The Real Real

This past weekend I hosted a girls brunch. (Did you peep my salmon cakes and spinach tart on snap chat? @monroesteele). It was great having all my best girlfriends back together after months, some even years. We caught up, ate, danced discussed Lemonade while drinking spiked Lemonade and of course talked about men. It was wonderful. It started at 2pm and by 7pm, I’d had enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love my friends. But I was totally and utterly exhausted after all that cooking, socializing and hosting. I politely had to ask every to leave. I admit I felt a little bad about it, but I had nothing left to give after those 5 hours and needed to recuperate. There are times when I get like this and all I crave is peace and quiet with no one but me, myself and I. I go to the movies alone, in fact I saw Batman vs. Superman alone, right after treating myself to dinner alone at a famed restaurant in Little Italy. People sometimes find it weird that I do those things alone but I always have and never felt weird about it. I also did these things, even when I had a significant other, but a lot less.

I wanted a little scenery and a quiet place to work a few weekends ago and finally checked out Breather. An app where you can pay for a lovely working space around New York City as well as other major cities. I loved how bright this Breather room was and the close proximity to Washington Square Park and some of my favorite eateries and thrift shops. It also gives me a little variety in finding cool places to shoot around the city without having to lug a ton of clothes all over Manhattan. I will definitely be checking in to more of these rooms throughout the city for more me time.

Speaking of socializing, I will be the featured guest this Saturday at #NEWYORKCOFFEETALK a series started by Vanessa of Vana Vain to bring fashion folks together to talk and make connections. It should be a good fashionable time. We’ll be at the Brooklyn Roasting Company at 25 Jay St from 10am-12pm. Hope to see you there.




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  1. May 24, 2016 / 8:42 am

    And this is why we get along so well. I live for my “me” times and I too go to movies and dinner alone and its GREAT!

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