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There’s something about standing in your truth and owning it that free’s you. In my last post Seasonal Blogger, I talked about how I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a seasonal blogger. That I hate the cold and pretty much force myself to produce Winter content to stay in with the in crowd. I’ve now embraced the fact that my Winter posting schedule is none too organized and barely meeting the requirements of actually being scheduled. It has also opened my eyes more to blogging with quality over quantity. I could post four times weekly but by the 3rd post, I’d definitely run out of intriguing things to write about. As much as I love fashion, I love writing and would rather give you something insightful or thought provoking of even just amusing to read than a bunch of words on a page along with some photo’s of an outfit. But although I do hate Winter and cold, I love a good over the knee boot, quite a conundrum and mainly the only season to post on such an awesome accessory.

IMG_9780 IMG_9811 IMG_9760 IMG_9787 IMG_9776 IMG_9799 IMG_9756

Photography by Nigel Isaiah

Jacket: Boohoo | Skirt: Balenciaga | Boots: Ted & Muffy | Lucite Bracelet: & Other Stories | Watch: Shore Projects | Lip: Nars Le Train Bleu

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and Valentine’s Day if you celebrate that kinda thing. I definitely enjoyed the weekend with my beloved complete with movies, brisk walks in arctic temperatures and oysters. All in all a great weekend. But what I’ve really been taking notice of lately is how all the women around me, my friends who are in their late 20s and early 30s are all growing into themselves. It’s fascinating to watch a women come into her own. One of those friends is Jen of Comme Coco. Her blog posts and instagram posts have just been super inspiring. She has gone through so much but she shines. She glows and it makes me feel extra shiny myself just to be associated with her. I look around at the group of women I call my friends and I am inspired. These women are pursuing their dreams, not taking no for an answer, creating the lives they’ve always desired while not be afraid to ask for what they want and basically just kicking ass and taking names. It’s really inspiring.

This time last year, I’d just lost my grandmother, I went through an awful breakup and was generally feeling pretty ambivalent about where my life was headed next. Those things shook me up, enough so that I didn’t really feel worthy. I had to slowly rebuild myself. I had to erase the negative thing’s I had built up in my mind about myself and pretty much start again from scratch but from the position that I was worthy of all the things I desired in my life. I wrote: I am Worthy in red lipstick on the mirror in my bathroom one year ago almost to the date today. It’s still there. Yes, I have cleaned around it (I’m not totally disgusting), but it’s still there as a reminder. I don’t need it anymore because I know it in my heart and spirit now. But for a few months I certainly faked it till I made it. I’m definitely free of feeling unworthy. I genuinely believe I am worthy of what ever my heart desires and that I am completely capable of getting those things. That may sound a little cocky but hey…the bad ass laced up thigh high boot fits, so I wear it!

PS…Bomber jackets are a thing now, that’s not new news but I thought I’d include it anyway

PSS…No I’m not covering New York Fashion Week this season but I am checking for Zimmermann (Which showed some pretty cool printed bomber jackets), Brother Vellies by Aurora James who is super talented and of course Rihanna’s Fall 2016 Collab with Puma…because I’m a stan for Riri and loved the styling.

PSSS…. P.S. is short for postscript or a little message written after the fact and PSS and PSSS aren’t real.




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