MFW: Maurizio Pecoraro S/S 2015

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An interesting back drop and lovely collection was staged inside a specialty design shop for the Maurizio Pecoraro presentation. Very unique and totally not of the norm I knew Monroe and I were in for a treat.

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Maurizio Pecoraro caught my attention with his superb attention to detail through beading, imagery, and weaving patterns. Fusing the world of pottery and the works of artist and designer Bjorn Winnblad made up for a strong nature toned S/S 15 collection. My eyes bounced around as they were hit with twenty different shades of herb greens that were painted, printed, or embroidered into the fabric. The play up of silks gave a time honored feel to the collection, while the easy wear t-shirt dresses and A-line skirts kept the collection very modern. The models posed upright in their respectable arranged areas while the hues of orange, yellow, and blue from the hand painted vases and freshly picked flowers illuminated the garments.

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The collection was boxy and chic, interlaced with light fabrics and mixed textures of cotton and chiffon that added a touch of sexy. I fell for the collection instantly especially the muted nature toned green chiffon ensemble! The bumble bees added a great touch and tied in the nature effect of the room.

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 The thick soled metallic sandals added a casual flair that I am all about, but I do like the fact you can take the outfits to the next level with a simple rock grunge boot or pointy stiletto. As you can tell I have envisioned many looks for this collection. I was pretty impressed with what I saw being it was my first day and time at Milan Fashion Week and I must say I’m giddy for what’s next.

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Stay tuned, there are more shows and authentic cool stuff to come while I am venturing in Milan.

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