Because seriously if I haven’t worn it in a year…its gotta go. If interested email me via the contact form with the item in the subject line and please included mailing address in email (so I can calculate shipping if is isn’t specified below). I will send you a paypal invoice. Once payment is made, item will ship within 3 business days.

 photo 026683x455_zps4e51c3b2.jpg
 photo 027683x455_zps4c314865.jpg
 photo 029683x455_zpse39f05b2.jpg
 photo 031683x455_zps7087e28b.jpg
 photo 032683x455_zps41fff2f5.jpg
 photo 033683x455_zps231573a8.jpg
Rebecca Minkoff Studded Affair Bag
Barley Used, Mint Condition
 photo 075683x455_zps57125326.jpg
 photo 074683x455_zpse0fb19f3.jpg
 photo 072683x455_zps98af8a21.jpg

Zara Gold Envelope Large Clutch with Hand Slide Grip


 photo 047683x455_zpsfdb09a6a.jpg
 photo 049683x455_zpsa657c7a6.jpg
 photo 052683x455_zpsc61a21a0.jpg
 photo 056683x455_zps037e0532.jpg

Rebecca Minkoff Snakeprint Romeo Satchel

Used 1x

Comes with dustbag and strap

$175+ 10 Shipping

 photo 044683x455_zpsc8acd8b2.jpg
 photo 042683x455_zps703ba212.jpg
 photo 041683x455_zps6dce75c7.jpg
 photo 039683x455_zpsc2ed97b3.jpg
 photo 036683x455_zps8b081f97.jpg

Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Print MAC Purse

Gently Used, comes with dustbag

$195+10 Shipping

 photo 021683x455_zps9d6adee2.jpg
 photo 016683x455_zps01d286fe.jpg
 photo 019683x455_zps082b4dc6.jpg
 photo 026683x455_zps1f8f9ed2.jpg
 photo 035683x455_zpsf1dc68d1.jpg
 photo 018683x455_zps6a7e502d.jpg
Vintage Melange 1942 Leather Bag

Vintage so has been gently used but in great condition

$45+10 Shipping

 photo 003683x455_zps9bad8ec8.jpg
 photo 007683x455_zps647db345.jpg
 photo 009683x455_zps9d8152c7.jpg
 photo 012683x455_zps0324cb7a.jpg
 photo 015683x455_zps06b4288b.jpg

Sequoia Silver Clutch with Hoop Handle

New with dustbag


 photo 035683x455_zps99b54b9f.jpg
 photo 037683x455_zps64be63b3.jpg
 photo 038683x455_zps7d316d19.jpg
Forever 21 Studded Clutch

barley used, perfect condition


 photo 041683x455_zps11f7a490.jpg
 photo 042683x455_zpse8652203.jpg
 photo 043683x455_zpsa9a0e803.jpg
Chinese Laundry Magnet Clutch
 photo 044683x455_zpse0fbe323.jpg
 photo 046683x455_zps01b7fd66.jpg
 photo 047683x455_zps526ea408.jpg
 photo 049683x455_zpsc08e214d.jpg
Snake Skin Leather Like Clutch
Barley used, Perfect Condition
 photo 105683x455_zps0b52e238.jpg
 photo 108683x455_zps1cc465ab.jpg
 photo 110683x455_zpsa8205f3f.jpg
 photo 111683x455_zpsbd0039ec.jpg
 photo 116683x455_zpsc8bea7c6.jpg

 photo IMG_8107_zps4ac6e238.jpg
 photo IMG_8108_zps18d98509.jpg
Zara Striped Dress with pockets

Size Medium

Once once..see it HERE in an outfit post


 photo IMG_8097_zps7c982c27.jpg
 photo IMG_8100_zps42793807.jpgZara Body Con Dress

Size Medium

Worn Once, see it HERE in a post


 photo IMG_8116_zps8a455a1b.jpg
 photo IMG_8117_zpseb9fc6a9.jpg
 photo IMG_8119_zpse5318ee0.jpg
 photo IMG_8120_zps74ac082d.jpg
Diane Von Furstenberg Jumpsuit

Size 4 (But fits size 4-6) I’m a size 6

Worn 2x, has pockets, is silk fabric, slits on the sides of the shorts

See it HERE in an outfit post


 photo IMG_8090_zpsac5fea57.jpg
 photo IMG_8094_zps52dde9bf.jpg
 photo IMG_8095_zpsc7f8379e.jpg
Phillip Lim Cullotes with Sheer Panel on Inside of Shorts

Also Has Pockets

Size 6

Worn once see them HERE in a post


 photo IMG_8112_zps675b2ac8.jpg
 photo IMG_8111_zps82cde1cd.jpg
 photo IMG_8114_zpscf6dc039.jpg
Zara Neoprene Monochrome Skirt

Worn Once

Size Medium


 photo 278683x455_zps1f30b4ff.jpg
 photo 281683x1024_zpsbd47348d.jpg
 photo 276683x455_zpsc5a05425.jpg
 photo 275683x1024_zpsb70f23bb.jpg
 photo 273683x455_zps4df50e75.jpg
 photo 271683x1024_zps89b40e4e.jpg
 photo 269683x455_zpsf852ab09.jpg
Hache Dress

Size 6

Worn Once

Has pockets too 🙂


 photo 268683x455_zps2b48e158.jpg
 photo 265683x455_zps0b19a679.jpg
 photo 266683x455_zps4f7711bb.jpg
Leather Ox Blood Color Pencil Skirt

Size 6

Worn Once See it worn HERE.


 photo 260683x455_zps5d32e543.jpg
 photo 262683x455_zpse4fb6b55.jpg
 photo 257683x455_zps7cd060a8.jpg
Zara Gold Leather Pencil Skirt


 photo 252683x455_zps8aebd3b8.jpg

 photo 248683x1024_zpsaa58261f.jpg
 photo 246683x1024_zps450bf9fa.jpg
 photo 242683x455_zps12a4283f.jpg
 photo 239683x1024_zpsdeef02af.jpg
 photo 237683x455_zps14005ff4.jpg
Aidan Mattox Emerald Green Sequin Dress

Worn Once perfect for the holidays

See it worn HERE

Size 6

$99 + 10 Shipping


 photo 125683x455_zps1fda8136.jpg
 photo 122683x455_zpsb18e66f5.jpg
 photo 120683x455_zps63977af1.jpg
 photo 118683x455_zpse58fabb2.jpg
 photo 116683x455_zps2eb2c5a2.jpg
 photo 115683x455_zps15ae519f.jpg
 photo 110683x455_zps391cb305.jpg
 photo 108683x455_zps5ba24b7c.jpg
 photo 105683x455_zps00f76bf0.jpg
Alexander Wang Fabiana Cape Shoes

Worn 1-2 Times

Size 41 (US Size 10)


 photo 084683x455_zps0532fb8a.jpg
 photo 083683x455_zpse3893152.jpg
 photo 080683x455_zps6eb7a435.jpg
Zara Booties with Gold Zipper/Hardware

Worn 2-3x

Size 41 or US Size 10

$60+10 shipping

 photo 101683x455_zps07f3c832.jpg
 photo 097683x455_zpscfcab46c.jpg
 photo 093683x455_zps0ac3fed6.jpg
 photo 092683x455_zpsc13a7982.jpg
 photo 090683x455_zpsbec589ae.jpg
 photo 088683x455_zpsb9688305.jpg
Zara ankle Boots

Worn 2x

Size 41 or US Size 10

$60+10 shipping

 photo 052683x455_zps1a685bd5.jpg
 photo 057683x455_zps10fff67b.jpg
Deena and Ozzy Cut Out Flat Sandals
used but still in great condition
Size 10 US
  photo 059683x455_zps6c003e61.jpg
 photo 061683x455_zps9fb8ad25.jpg
 photo 063683x455_zps9bfc9e39.jpg
 photo 068683x455_zpsbdbcfd07.jpg
Sam Edelman Suede Wedges
barely worn
Size 10 US
$50 + $10 Shipping
  photo 070683x455_zps5d5e1828.jpg
 photo 071683x455_zpsaf775f40.jpg
 photo 072683x455_zps8f7fbe49.jpg
H&M Neon Sandals
Size 10 US Euro 41
 photo 073683x455_zps4bb6aa92.jpg
 photo 074683x455_zpsf40a16e8.jpg
LAMB Blue Dorsay Sandals
Worn Once
Size 10 US
$50 + $10 Shipping

See them worn HERE in an outfit


 photo 215683x455_zpsbf081ac6.jpg
 photo 223683x455_zpsce830ad8.jpg
 photo 220683x455_zps4364e7f1.jpg
 photo 224683x1024_zps17a2a241.jpg
 photo 228683x455_zps1ef00d75.jpg
 photo 229683x455_zps4c99db05.jpg
Zara Cargo Jacket with Leather Sleeves

Work 2-3 times


 photo 214683x455_zps53395536.jpg
 photo 213683x455_zps747e6e1b.jpg
 photo 209683x455_zps257c5f3c.jpg
 photo 204683x455_zps658d3a1a.jpg
 photo 201683x455_zpsc081d613.jpg
 photo 197683x455_zps11d12ed6.jpg
BCBGMAXAZRIA Black Quilted Cropped Jacket

Size Medium

Worn 2-3 times excellent condition, no flaws

$40+ 10 Shipping

 photo 193683x455_zps617fc66b.jpg
 photo 191683x455_zps3186a380.jpg
 photo 190683x455_zps18f31d5b.jpg
 photo 187683x1024_zpsf99a1f1b.jpg
 photo 182683x455_zps8a53c3f6.jpg
 photo 179683x455_zps72d62e32.jpg
Du Monde Faux Fur Vest with Pockets

Size Large

Worn Once

$50 + 10 Shipping

 photo 177683x455_zps64abea69.jpg
 photo 175683x455_zps19d309c5.jpg
 photo 171683x455_zpsebdecaa2.jpg
 photo 169683x455_zpsb33067c8.jpg
 photo 164683x455_zpsfd0a95c1.jpg
 photo 162683x455_zps0c7b8c9f.jpg
 photo 159683x455_zps38d80020.jpg
 photo 155683x455_zps9ef2cb79.jpg
 photo 154683x455_zps18a7246d.jpg
 photo 148683x455_zps5ac31719.jpg
 photo 145683x455_zps366cfa97.jpg
New York W by Winlit Leather Bomber Jacket

Size Medium

Good Condition

100% Leather

$70+ 10 Shipping

 photo 289683x455_zps85ab4fd8.jpg
 photo 291683x455_zps98c8a8d5.jpg
Ann Taylor Loft Jacket
Size 4
Worn Once
 photo 293683x455_zpsb60f424c.jpg
 photo 296683x455_zps6936270c.jpg
 photo 297683x1024_zpsf721e7df.jpg
 photo 298683x455_zpse706dcb5.jpg
Kill City White and Black Tuxedo Blazer
New with Tags
Size Medium
 photo 305683x455_zps52fd3a09.jpg
 photo 306683x455_zpsd4e80167.jpg
 photo 307683x455_zpsfc3d7ff3.jpg
 photo 304683x1024_zps3987eebc.jpg
Zara Yeti Sleeve Coat
Worn Once
Size Large (Fits more like a medium)
$60 + $10 Shipping
 photo 308683x455_zps7076c281.jpg
 photo 309683x455_zps405fb199.jpg
 photo 310683x455_zps0adfd7d6.jpg
 photo 311683x455_zps962018e6.jpg
 photo 312683x455_zpsfeb6ac69.jpg
French Connection White Tent Jacket
Size 2 (Fits more like a medium)
Gently worn, no spots
 photo 314683x455_zps04eadd45.jpg
 photo 319683x455_zps91dca9f5.jpg
 photo 318683x455_zpsacb4caa8.jpg
 photo 317683x1024_zps3c61d8ca.jpg
 photo 315683x455_zps6432b03e.jpg


 photo 326683x455_zps9710bf49.jpg
 photo 328683x455_zps8210eb01.jpg
 photo 331683x455_zpsa83e9cad.jpg
 photo 347683x455_zpsa36bbb62.jpg
 photo 354683x455_zpsfd52cc25.jpg
 photo 348683x455_zps7a370330.jpg
 photo 342683x455_zps111be6fb.jpg
 photo 339683x455_zps2e43f07c.jpg
 photo 337683x455_zpsbb2224ce.jpg
 photo 330683x455_zpsf9c5ca6b.jpg
Worn 2-3x Practically New No Stains or Spots
Genuine LEATHER (can only be professionally cleaned)
$199 +10 Shipping (Originally $495)

 photo 144683x455_zpsae7ca342.jpg
 photo 143683x455_zps16ffcec1.jpg
 photo 139683x455_zps82ce1e41.jpg
 photo 138683x455_zpsaf81f751.jpg

 photo IMG_8105_zpsa0d31ff3.jpg
 photo IMG_8104_zps334603c2.jpg
ASOS Large Sequin Top

Size 8 or Medium

Worn once, see it HERE


Thanks for looking! if you want more than one item I can combine shipping for you.


  1. Zara
    May 19, 2014 / 1:41 pm

    Hi, I would like to purchase the Alexander Wang Fabiana Cape Sandal in the size 41. Do you still have them available?



  2. Nancy
    June 26, 2014 / 12:59 pm

    Hi i would like to purchase the gold Zara leather skirt. I live in ny. Please let me know if you still have it available.. Thank you

  3. Brook
    August 28, 2014 / 9:28 pm

    Id like the Zara booties if still available. Please email at address above. Thank you!

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