About Monroe


Fashion Steele NYC is where Luxury, Thrift & High Street Meet. -Monroe

 Monroe Steele founded Fashion Steele NYC in 2010, it has since become a staple in the New York City fashion scene. Fashion Steele NYC is a personal fashion, lifestyle and travel website where luxury, thrift and high street meet. Created out of a need to express herself with fashion and words Monroe started Fashion Steele NYC as an outlet for creativity. Monroe wrote for her undergraduate newspaper for 4 years becoming a senior lifestyle and fashion writer at East Carolina University. Monroe moved to New York City with big dreams of living like Carrie Bradshaw. She received her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from New York University. Wearing scrubs never allowed her to show off her fabulous thrifted wardrobe and thus Fashion Steele NYC was born. Over the years the blog evolved from personal fashion to event coverage, travel and lifestyle writing and fashion editorials.

Monroe is well versed in providing highly visual and stimulating content with her collaborations with the brands she covets. To know more have a look at Monroe’s LinkedIn Profile.

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