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I’m Monroe Steele and I am a full time content creator with a focus on fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle content. I’m based between New York City and Miami Beach. I started my blog in 2010 as an outlet to show my fashions being that I was always in scrubs as a new Doctor of Physical Therapy. After working 10 years in the healthcare field while blogging on the side, I left my full-time gig in 2019 and went full time as a blogger! I cover Fashion Weeks including New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week as well as Swim Week and Art Basel in Miami on my various social media channels. I’ve really enjoyed turning my passion for fashion and blogging into a full time career. You can find all of my blogging, content creation and influencer tips here in the blogging category of this website. If you enjoy reading and want to know more about me definitely check out the Essay Category where I love going below the surface to the nitty gritty of this thing called life. It’s basically a public journal for me to share my thoughts. And of course if you want to keep up with all my daily shenanigans, give me a follow over on Instagram, TikTok and check out my YouTube Channel.



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