The Baseball Jacket


So athleisure is out, bathing suit tops as daywear is in, and now Baseball Jackets are the new top. Here’s a little secret, I can walk to Yankee Stadium in less than 10 minutes and never in my life have I  been to a baseball game. It’s a sport I never quite got into along with volleyball, lacrosse and golf. My depiction of a good time at a baseball game is in that Episode of Sex and the City where Carrie just got dumped by Mr. Big and attends a game in a full length fur coat, while sitting in the nosebleeds eating hotdogs and talking girl talk with her friends. Meeting a hot baseball player would be cool too, but other than that its the equivalent of watching paint dry for me. But I do thank the sport for their awesome gear, especially the baseball jacket. And since this one by Saint Laurent cost a few months rent, this one from will do.

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Photography by Nigel Isaiah

Baseball Jacket c/o | Skirt: Tamara Mellon via Shopbop | Shoes: L.A.M.B. | Lip: NARS mysterious red


When I was in high school, I had a ton of jackets like this. I wish I hadn’t donated them all in a purge to rid myself of high school memories the summer before I started college. I used to be very sporty. I ran track, 100 meter dash, and the 4×1 and 4×2. I was never really any good but there was this really fine guy on the track team, and well a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Ohhh, teenage angst and the things you’ll do for that perfect boy, who turns out to be a douche. But I did learn a lot about being a part of a team and depending on people. I also was on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad as well as step master of the step team. Mind you I didn’t cheer at all my freshman or sophomore year. I essentially said, hmmm, i’m gonna cheer this year when I became a junior.

I had to learn 50+ cheers in less than a month. I tried out and made the team, unfortunately taking the place of someone who had cheered both her freshman and sophomore year. She was actually one of the captains of the Junior Squad. She was very upset. Shit happens. I think this taught her something that she could use throughout a life time. Be better. If you sense a little bitterness its because I had to endure so many long speeches from her friends and her as to why she should have my spot, over the subsequent two years. If it matters at all, I had a really tough time learning and recalling all those cheers the first 3 months of cheering. I was always a little behind. I’m still not quite sure what a 1st in 10 is either, but my outfit was super cute and my herky still reigns supreme.

I’m headed to the Ursula Stephen Beauty and the Brands event today so make sure to check me out on snap: Monroesteele or insta stories for a glimpse into the event.

PS…Dad if you are reading this, which i hope to god you aren’t, but probably are, thank you for spending hours with me in the back yard helping me practice and learn my cheers and perfect my jumps! 

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