Memories in Vintage Cynthia Rowley

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Photography by Mike Crew of LOE

Dress: Vintage | Shoes: Tibi

I don’t know what’s happening in New York in regards to weather. Just a few weeks ago I was wearing this dress, sitting in a cafe on Mercer street with the windows open. Today I’m back to wearing a peacoat. I cannot for the life or me wait to get the hell out of New York City next weekend and into the sun in Miami. I always seem to get a gust of writing inspiration and just inspiration overall when I’m in a different environment. I consider my trip to Italy one of the most inspiring and creative phases of my writing to date. Miami is far from being Italy, but there’s art, and beaches and drinks and hey that’s enough to whip up some creativity.

I hope everyone has a safe Cinco de Mayo today! Last year, around this time I did a themed post wearing a lovely Vintage Skirt to celebrate the holiday. The last time I wore this dress was during Paris fashion week and now I’m dreaming of Paris! I plan on going back to Paris this September and roaming the streets, shopping and soaking in the atmosphere. Paris really is unlike any other place on earth. I may even revisit Versailles or Monet’s Garden (My favorite place in the entire world).




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