Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him that he will LOVE


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and that means the stores are already filled with hard heart shaped candies, chocolates and bears. Personally, I’m not really a Valentine’s Day kind of girl. Most of the time I’m single during Valentine’s Day. But when I am involved with someone, I like to be creative and stay pretty far away from the commercial standard garbage shoved down our throats from the brightly lit isles of Duane Reade and CVS.

Greeting Cards: I love a good greeting card and hardly ever buy the run of the mill card. I’m a sucker for empty cards where I can write what I want. Instead of being super mushy (which I usually am and when I feel like it I often leave my boyfriend love notes around the house or on the bulletin board), I like to go humorous on Valentine’s Day. I’d much rather see my guy laugh and smile than get that oh my gosh this is so sappy but I love you face. Etsy has some amazingly funny cards that any guy would love, from nerds to gamers and businessmen, you can definitely find a card to melt his heart and make him laugh. I’m a stickler for great packaging too. A hearty weighted paper that smells and feels luxe or rustic is what I gravitate towards. I even make sure I write my personalized note with a fine ball point pen with my best penmanship. Those things show thoughtfulness and add a little something extra with personalization.

Cool Yet Romantic Decor Items: Valentines Day is the perfect time to spring a new scent, candle, or decor piece on your guy. It’s the time to be a little more frilly than normal with what you give your guy and he’d be a lot more receptive to it than on Christmas or his birthday. My new favorite site for a great scent, shaving gift, candle or knickknacks for men is MiN New York, which I also mentioned in my Holiday Gift Idea’s for Him post for the Holidays. Another great online store is D.L. & Co. I love their awesome and very cool effigy wax candles in the weirdest of shapes, their stationary and their objects and curiosities.

Something For You: And what I really mean is it is for you but technically it’s for him. Yes…I’m speaking of lingerie. Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than wearing lingerie. He’ll appreciate it more than any of the other gifts. I’ve been pretty obsessed with lingerie lately and do a great deal stalking amazing sets online. Go for a slinky slip or a classic teddy and if you really want to drive the point home a sexy garter belt never hurt anyone.

An Experience: Don’t count out a great experience. This Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend so you can make the most of your time! Of course you can do a romantic candle lit dinner (yawn), but why not a lesson in Archery (I love Gotham Archery) or a trip to The Low LineAnd if you must do dinner, do a fun dinner such as A Dinner in The Dark. Where the menu is a secret and you’re blind folded throughout your meal. Camaje in NYC has a Valentine’s Weekend Special for tickets happening now. For drinks try Le Boudoir, the new Marie Antoinette boudoir themed bar in Brooklyn for ambiance or The Raines Law Room in Union Square for unique and delicious drinks in an ultra secret and sophisticated alcove of velvet and mystery.

And if none of this floats your boat, there’s always an actual boat if you have a body of water close by, be it the Staten Island Ferry or a freezing cold boat ride around Manhattan. But there is always Netflix and Commitment (as my guy says).

What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day?




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  1. Sahra
    January 27, 2016 / 12:23 pm

    oooh great ideas! My beau and I have been really into exchanging experiences lately; it’s such a fun way to create new memories together <3

    Miss you!
    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

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