A different type of New Years Outfit


I do this every Winter, I fall off the face of the blogging universe. I can’t help it, I’m like a bear. I eat and then fall into a deep hibernation. I eat a ton of rice Krispy treats and drink copious amounts of red wine. I enjoy the comfort of my favorite sweat pants made out of some material that makes me feel like my legs are getting a hug. I live in my boyfriends Todd Snyder T-Shirts, nothing is better than a super lived-in Tee, as well as his socks (for some reason his socks are so much more high quality and comfortable than the 3 pair I own). Luckily I always know this is going to happen and take a few blog photos in advance so I still have something to post even when it’s 30 degrees outside and the city is awaiting a snowapocalypse. I wanted to do a shoot with a different spin on New Year’s Eve wear. And of course the photos sat in their designated folder right through New Years. For New Years 2015, I was so concerned with finding the right dress, the right shoes, being super girly and sexy. It was really all very draining. I ended up with a dress that was so tight I could barely move, and the most uncomfortable shoes ever! This year, I decided to just relax. This was a more of a punk, laid back, New Year’s Eve look.

IMG_0462 IMG_0436 IMG_0430 IMG_0454 IMG_0443 IMG_0429 IMG_0425 IMG_0433

Photography by Mike Crew of LOE

Dress: Solace London | Shoes: Alexander Wang | Necklace: Juliet & Co | Jacket: H&M | Lipstick: c/o Lancome

I love the rawness of these photos. This Solace London dress was a random purchase last year that I never got the chance to wear. I love how it just kind of skims all the right places but isn’t very tight. It’s very reminiscent of those silk slip dresses from Alexander Wang that I loved, but never invested in. I definitely stalked Rihanna when she was on her slip dress with sneaker kick and was hell bent on creating that look for about a year but never found the right dress. Speaking of the right dress, I am currently looking for dresses to wear to all the weddings and engagement parties I will be attending this year. My friend Sheena and I visited Shareen Vintage recently for her to find a vintage wedding dress, and although she didn’t find one there were some lovely ones to choose from. Shareen Vintage is actually having an awesome sale right now with dresses as inexpensive as $15. I plan on stopping by tomorrow and you should too, as the sale ends tomorrow January 22 at 7pm.

I hope you all have been having an effective January. I’m still so sluggish at the start of this new year. But I have been catching up on my new favorite podcast Serial! It’s the perfect thing to listen to on the train to and from work. If you haven’t checked it out yet, download the last 5 episodes QUICK! You won’t be disappointed.




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