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I’ve already stopped using my Air Conditioner being that the nights are now cool enough to let the breeze cool me in the evenings. I simply cannot sleep when it’s hot, and thank goodness the summer night’s no longer are. I’ve been Fall proofing and transitioning my wardrobe slowly, because even though it’s still warm, I know Fall will be here in the blink of an eye. I have taken to all the end of summer sales to score on great transition pieces. I’m totally in love with this open back sweater. It’s super warm and the material is so soft. It’s the perfect top for a cool morning and night yet a hot day. I’ve taken to mixing and matching my Fall and Summer wardrobe to create my Fummer outfits (outfits perfect for that weird transition from Summer to Fall).

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Photography By LOE

Open Back Sweater: Asilio via Revolve Clothing Sale | Shorts: Thrifted and reworked by me | Shoes: Tibi via The Real Real | Bracelet: J. Rudy Lewis | Lip: NARS Deborah | Watch: c/o JORD; JORD Ely Watch

I’ve already worn this top twice and I’m smitten with it’s versatility and ability to add an element of surprise to any outfit. I love it so much I’m seriously considering buying another one from the Revolve Clothing sale. The sale has some great transitional pieces that you shouldn’t overlook. When I received the top I was thrilled with the design and promptly looked up the brand to learn more about them. Asilio is of course like every brand I love, an Aussie brand. The brands head designer Cynthia Farchione has won me over with the whimsical yet structured aspect to her pieces. I’m especially fond of Asilio skirts and tops. I just invested in this Asilio White Sky Skirt and I can hardly wait to receive it.

I’ve noticed more and more that my style is evolving into more clean yet unique and structured pieces. I’m almost dreading doing a summer wrap up of my wardrobe because I’m already sure I’m going to be disposing of about 50% of my wardrobe. I’m going to keep everything that’s beloved and the rest is history. With sites like The Real Real, I feel like I’m finally able to afford the wardrobe I’ve always wanted, along with sample sales, and online sales.




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