How to wear stripes on stripes


I’v been desperate to get a striped skirt ever since seeing this Altuzarra Arcadia Skirt in a magazine paired with a striped top. I loved the look so much I tore it out of the magazine and added it to my inspiration board. Looking at it every day made me long for the perfect asymmetrical striped skirt to pull off the look. Luckily while perusing the Zara Sale, I came across this skirt which was exactly what I had in mind. Doing a basic black and white or striped look is easy and effortless and guaranteed to make you look chic without trying too hard. Ever since I scored these Proenza Schouler checkered sandals, my affinity for black and white looks has catapulted; see example one, two and three! LOL.

IMG_0168 IMG_0162 IMG_0184 IMG_0148 IMG_0192 IMG_0140

Photography by LOE

Top: H&M | Skirt and Clutch: ZARA | Shoes: Proenza Schouler | Sunnies: D&G

I’ve written so much about my vision board and the importance it has on my life. It really helps shape my wardrobe but not only that, it makes me look at the things I want to accomplish for myself daily. I think that kind of continuous subconscious messaging really works. Along with some of my favorite items I find in magazines that I hope to add to my wardrobe or recreate, I also list out goals and pin them to my inspiration board. Sometimes it could be a quote, or someone I aspire to emulate, whether that be in fashion, with my blog or in life in general. I have a quote on the mirror in my bathroom, written in red lipstick. That quote has been there since February. It simply reads “You are worthy“. At that time I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, my grandmother passed away suddenly and it was just a really bad time for me. Some where along the way I started to think that maybe I didn’t deserve the things I wanted the most, even though I work hard and consider myself to be a good person. I had to look at that quote every day while I washed my face, brushed my teeth, did my hair. I can close my eyes anywhere I am and see it written there in red lipstick on my mirror. It is embedded in my subconscious and I know that I am worthy. Worthy of all the things I’ve ever wanted including love and success.

All of these things are on my mind because I’ve gathered a slew of magazines and am getting ready to start on my Fall Inspiration board and boy will it be filled to the brim with Fringe, Fur and amazing hats. Can you tell that I’ve gotten into hats lately? It will also feature some of my favorite and recently discovered quotes. For now I’m happy that a few of my Summer inspiration board wants manifested themselves into my wardrobe. I’m particularly ecstatic about this fringe number. I also got to recreate one of my favorite summer looks with this outfit!

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going!”–Winston Churchill




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