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So selfies are a part of everyday life now. You get on Instagram or Twitter and you are bombarded with them. Can you believe I actually hate taking them. If you scroll along my Instagram you will notice that I only recently started posting selfies and before then it was about one selfie every few months. I get it though, people like to see you up close and personal. But I’m actually a little shy when it comes to up close pictures. Maybe it’s because I don’t have perfect skin, or that I just hate camera’s being THAT close. Eventually I got over my fear with the help of a few apps.

My favorite apps for selfies and just for photos period are as follows:

SNAPSEED: snapseed is my go to for photo editing when I want to brighten or sharpen or add a cool filter such as Drama which was my favorite for a few months.

VISAGE LAB: is great for when I have a pimple cause lets face it…chances are at any given moment I have a pimple. this app is great for smoothing the skin. I don’t use it often because sometimes it can make you look a little unhuman. It also has pretty cool filters or effects such as Pen and Ink which looks like a drawing of you instead of a photo.

VSCOcam: VSCOcam is a favorite of mine and I love it for scenery and food photos to add more depth to photos.

Touch Color: Touch Color lets you make a photo black and white and then color in what you want to be colored. It is by far one of the coolest apps but I don’t use it very often.

Camera+: I love this app for all the many features it has from clarity and auto fix to cloudy or sunny features and a TON of filters. This is pretty much my go-to app after Snapseed. It does EVERYTHING!

Color Cap: This app is awesome for making the funny memes where you can add different font and text to your photos

Twitter: I actually really love the edit capabilities of posting photos on Twitter. With 8 cool filters its a quick way to spice up a photo you’re posting to Twitter.

What’s your GO-TO app for photo editing?!?




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