I want to take this time to thank mother nature for the amazing weather gracing New York City right now. I downgraded from my bubble coat to my favorite trench from Zara and rocked a T-shirt and jeans. I try to collect I LOVE shirts from each city I visit. I have I love NY, I Love Paris and now I love Milano! I visited Milan for the first time in September and it was awesome covering Milan Fashion Week.

IMG_5082 IMG_5051 IMG_5003 IMG_4980 IMG_5014 IMG_5108 IMG_5010 IMG_5022

Photography by Nigel Isaiah

Top: Vendor in Milan | Jeans: H&M | Trench: Zara | Heels: Alexander Wang | Monroe x Midori Handchain

This was the perfect outfit for running around and doing some errands today. I finally did a little grocery shopping for the meal I’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday because I LOVE FOOD, (more than milan actually, although they do have pretty amazing food). If you don’t believe me check out how often I post food on my instagram.

If you are looking to wow some folks at your Thanksgiving meal try baking my favorite PEACH PIE! Trust me anytime I make this pie my friends and family go crazy and I never have any left! Hope you all have an awesome holiday and also score some amazing fashion STEELE’s during Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!




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