PFW: Tex Saverio S/S 2015

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I was very interested in the Tex Saverio collection because I’d actually never heard of the designer. Before the show I did some googling and found out he is an Indonesian fashion designer and in 2005 he won a national award nn the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award.  Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian have donned his designs and he even created that wondrous metal and chiffon wedding dress that Jennifer Lawrence wore in The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire. This alone let me know that the collection was going to be amazing and more editorial in nature.

I almost missed the collection because I couldn’t find the entrance. The presentation was set deep in the bowels of Palais de Tokyo. Finally I spotted someone with an invitation and was pointed towards the stairs leading to the basement. The walls were graffitied and it was a little dark. Finally I emerged into the dim light and saw people drinking champagne and eating little appetizers. The area had a large stage and a wide open space in front of it. There were spot lights shinning down on each model. It was breathtaking and I immediately took out my camera and started snapping away. Fabrics used were PU holograms, printed organdy and transparent and matte finishes. The color palette consisted of snow white, aquatic blue, silver and black. I loved the use of silver in the models hair as well to highlight the collection.  The Tex Saverio SS 2015 Collection had a very futuristic feel but with noted sophistication. I also love the use of circle skirts in the collection which is my favorite shape for a chic look.

The Tex Saverio woman is one who dares to be glamorous and elegant and extravagantly so without being apologetic for it. He is truly a visionary and I see why he has been dubbed the “McQueen of Indonesia”. I am absolutely in love with his previous 2014 collections as well. Make sure to check him out, Saverio is definitely a designer to watch.




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