PFW: Issey Miyake S/S 2015

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Issey Miyake is always a great show. I remember it being one of my biggest shows attended at my very first Paris Fashion Week and it blew me away. Miyake is well known for intricate shows that are super unique and fun. He always incorporates live music in the most mind blowing way. This season he tapped Ei Wada a member of Open Reel Ensemble to create (and i do mean literally create) music from helium balloons attached to the ends of strips of magnetic tape. The rise and fall of the balloons is what actually created the music for the show, while Wada played the organ. It made for a very interesting back drop for the models. The balloons were large and white with a glow of iridescence, which fit perfectly with the theme of the collection as well as the makeup.

This was my first show in Paris where I got backstage access. It really opened my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion show. It was a zoo back there, but it was also cool to learn more about the thought behind the makeup, with was light with multilayers of luminous foundations and powders. The eyelashes were doused in a layer of the palest lavender mascara and it made for an ethereal look, a soft white glow radiated from the faces of the models.

The collection itself was all I thought it would be. Lovely textured whites and creams that were mixed and matched seamlessly and I love the juxtaposition. I loved how the collection started in the very basic of neutral colors and worked its way deep into plaids and color.  Yoshiyuki Miyamae’s spring collection for Issey Miyake, made ample use of the brand’s new 3-D Steam Stretch technology.  It works by steaming a single piece of cloth into which creases have been incorporated in advance. The fabric then has a 3D form. This collection was one of my favorites of the Paris collections, very creative and something I hadn’t seen before.




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