Where I Thrift..Where I Shop…

I get lots of questions about where I thrift shop in NYC and where I shop period.
So here is a full post dedicated to that.
To see more outfit posts on where I thrift check out this link.
I love thrifting and vintage shopping and do so on a regular basis…so much so that I started the
 Thrift and The City Tour here in NYC for people who want to go thrift and vintage shopping with someone in the Know about where to score great deals.
 Spring is around the corner and the perfect time to get thrifting!
Here is my Top 10 Thrift and Vintage Shops
(in no particular order)
Vintage Thrift
286 3rd Ave
Amazing for vintage lace dress, dainty coin purses and vintage hats.
Housing Works
157 E. 23rd St
Great for blazers and accesories with name brands such as Dolce and Gabbana.
Housing Works
143 W. 17th St
Great for home nick knacks, tops and dresses.
Pippin Vintage
112 W. 17th St
Nothing but vintage jewelry at it’s best, vintage purses, vintage hats you will find extra special items here that are perfect for gifts.
Angel Street Thrift Shop
118 W. 17th St
Awesome jewelry collection and home furnitings and knacks.
220 E. 23rd St
Perfect for shorts, skirts, leather jackets and the occasional DVF dress.
103 W. 25th St
Shoes, blazers, dresses galore…even Club Monaco.
Salvation Army
536 West 46th Street
This place is extra large and you have to search but you can find Marc Jacobs…for $10!
I know I have.
No Relation Vintage
204 1st Ave
Great vintage boots and leather jackets for next to nothing
 ($20 for a midcalf pair of leather peter pan boots)
Brooklyn Flea Market
1 Hanson Place Brooklyn
Delicious food and one of a kind vintage jewelry, clutches and dresses.

Brooklyn Flea Market from Monroe Steele on Vimeo.

I do ALOT of shopping and I mean ALOT.
I have a serious shoe and dress addiction at the moment. I have a couple of number one go to places for things.
Here are my Top 5 Shopping Places
(in no particular order)
either 101 7th Ave (Chelsea) or 2101 Bway and 72nd
Rebecca Minkoff, Moschino, Style Stalker, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Valentino
You name it…they got it.
The trick is to catch them during a seasonal sale (up to 50% off tag price) and then throw a coupon on top of that (they often give out 20-25% coupons on an almost weekly basis for club members)
Club members get 10% off every purchase for $25 a year.
Chelsea location is better for SHOES and has a slightly better collection of designers.
72nd Location has better PURSES and Swimwear.
Century 21
22 Cordlandt St
Skip the new one uptown…downtown is sooooo much better
serious designers too
The trick is to get there HELLA EARLY preferably on a weekday (Monday is best)
I mean be there before the doors open.
Go to shoes first this section is CRAZY after an hour!
Then clothes!
Then accesories!
Then leave with a sh*tload of stuff.
Forever 21 Times Square
1540 Bway
Perfect for everyday T-Shirts, boyfriend jeans, summer skirts, and straw fedora hats
really you can get a whole wardrobe for under $100
This Forver 21 is the best one in the city, they get the good stuff and its easy to navigate and isn’t a dump after being open for 2 hours.
40 E. 14th St
Hello Shoes Shoes and more Shoes.
They even have L.A.M.B. and Badgley Mischka
Shoes are half off what’d you find in store and online and it pays to be a member as well.
Membership is free and just like loehmanns you get a ton of coupons which you can use in store or online.
Nordstrom Rack
60 E. 14th St
Great for designers as well. Awesome shoe collection with DVF under $80 and tons of awesome jeans too!
(pronounced A-SAUCE)
You can find anything…neon watches, River Island dresses, strappy sandals, envelope clutches.
Any and everything your heart desires.
Great designers and unique clothing and shoes!
Designers for half the price!

Thrifting/Shopping Tips
Wear slide on shoes especially when going shoe shopping. So much easier than taking on and off shoes. TOM’s shoes work perfect for shopping outings. Get them in Black, Grey or Red.

Whew..I’m tired. I think I went to all these places today. haha.
I did pick up a great pair of Nine West sandals from Century 21 for just $70!
Look out for them soon!
If you’d like to go THRIFT SHOPPING or just arrange a shopping trip to some of my favorite places in NYC shoot me an email Monroe.Steele@gmail.com.
Happy Shopping.
What are some of your favorite online places to shop?
I’m looking to expand my online shopping lol.

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  1. March 19, 2012 / 2:22 pm

    Nice compilation. I’ve been to Housing Works and Pippin Vintage when I visited last time. I’ll be referring back to this post when I come back there. Thanks.

  2. March 19, 2012 / 11:11 pm

    I love the outnet to!

    please follow back,


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