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it’s Fall. In the City the Never Sleeps, Fall takes no time at all to get here. Sometimes it last a mere moment before the leaves change and fall, and the city becomes barren and cold. There photos were taken just a few days ago when in the sun is was lovely enough to go without a jacket but today it was blustering and the first day I actually wore a coat! Not a jacket but a coat! Needless to say Fall last just about 2 weeks in New York City and then inevitably Winter comes and steals all my joy! Ladies and Gentleman, I suck at layering!

IMG_3729 IMG_3711 IMG_3661IMG_3727 IMG_3704 IMG_3632

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Sonia Rykiel Come on Eileen (Paris) | Shoes: Alexander Wang | Clutch: BCBGeneration


It’s true, I’ve never been very good at layering. Some people are just born naturals at layering and styling period. I am not one of those such persons. I demolish my closet mixing and matching and looking for inspiration to get an outfit just the way I like. I’m usually very good at this approximately 1 month out past fashion week, and then it just fizzles. I have to keep going back and looking at runway shows and street style photos to get the inspiration to try something new and outside the box. Speaking of fashion week, I picked this Sonia Rykiel skirt up while thrift and vintage shopping during Paris Fashion Week. I saw it and immediately knew I had to have it!

I’ve been doing some pretty impulsive shopping lately. I actually just went to the Derek Lam Sample Sale here in NYC. When I went last year I racked up! I did pretty well this year too. I scored a pair of shoes and a skirt. I may go back because I think there will be another mark down (everything was already marked down 50% today). So many fashion STEELE’s to be had! There is a pair of suede pants that have my name all over them.

Also, I must note that the Thrift and the City Shopping Tour for October 25th has been canceled and will be rescheduled to late November.




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