The Best Designer Consignment in NYC

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I love designers especially vintage designer duds and I always go to designer consignment and resale shops to find the best designer deals without the designer prices. When I have a wad of freshly earned cash and I want something a bit extravagant that will be an investment item in my closet, I head to Madison Avenue in New York City. Madison Ave is FILLED with luxury designer resale and consignment shops. The area between 80th and 86th Street has one on nearly every block and they are all SOOOOOOOO good.

I recently scored a vintage couture Badgley Mischka dress for $150. Now that may seem like a lot of money but this dress is 100% silk, couture, fits like a glove and once costs upwards of 2K. This is an investment piece I will have until the day I stop breathing and maybe then I’ll be buried in it! I picked it up at La Boutique Resale at 1045 Madison Avenue and 80th Street. This place if full and I mean full of Chanel, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Gucci and everything in between. I went in and tried on about 10 skirts but in the end walked away with a couture dress. I plan on returning for a beaded bag I saw, and perhaps another skirt or two.

Up the block on 1100 Madison Avenue between 82nd and 83rd is Roundabout New & Resale Couture. This is the go-to spot for designer shoes! Yes they have clothing and bags as well, but the shoe selection is top notch and they often have more than one size. Next up on the list is Encore ReSale which is on 1132 Madison Ave and 84th Street. This is perhaps the most cost effective of the consignment shops in the area. They always have a great selection thats pretty affordable with many items under $50 dollars. I always go straight for the skirts, dresses and outerwear because those are their best pieces.

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Right next to Encore, is BIS Designer Resale, at 1134 Madison Avenue, which also has a great selection. I like them more for accessories and handbags! So if you are into the quality of a great designer check these spots out. They often have sales too and you can find great fashion STEELE’s for quality items.

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  1. October 23, 2014 / 10:00 am

    Madison Avenue between 79th – 84th is the mecca of consignment shops. But I am surprise you didn’t mention Michael’s which is on 79th & Madison. Which is a true gem with everything from basic denim to wedding gowns. I use to go to Encore (scored my first cashmere coat)all the time but when the owners (son/grandson) took over I saw a huge change in prices and merchandise. But of course you can still get some great buys without breaking the bank 🙂

    • monroesteele
      October 25, 2014 / 2:25 pm

      Oooohhh I will have to check them out. Thanks for the tip!


  2. December 18, 2014 / 2:39 pm

    Monroe, Thanks for the love for Bis!

    The joy of resale is that the selection changes too frequently to always have the same snapshot of designer duds. Please come by and introduce yourself, it’s always nice to know the person behind the, keyboard!

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