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THE PERFECT PITCH: So you wanna pitch to brands? Leverage your social media for compensated stays and experiences during traveling? Pull and borrow clothing from brands, stores and designers for your events, editorials and vacations? Get into all the best fashion week shows from New York to Paris? Build lasting relationships with brands and get paid while doing so? Have well known brands sponsor your events monetarily and with products? Well you’ve come to the right place! Check out all of our template packages below! 

I pitch on a regular basis and have a very simple template letter that I tailor to specific brands. It’s worked in regards to creating a professional and polished pitch that usually results in a collaboration and long term relationships with brands.

How to email pitch to brands, hotels and to cover Fashion Week (New York, Milan, Paris & London)
Quick and easy ways to get noticed by brands and the perfect time to reach out to them
Tips on how to find the correct contact information for brands and designers
The perfect Apps to track your pitches once sent
How to get on PR Contact Lists and register for international Fashion Weeks
How to secure compensated stays and how to get your foot in the door for Hotel partnerships
How to send a fashion show request and the site you can join that makes it easier to do
What to include on your rates sheet to send to brands when they request or respond to a pitched idea for collaboration



Pitch Letter to Brands
Pitch Letter to Hotels
Pitch Letter to Cover New York, Milan, Paris or London Fashion Week
Rates Sheet

Includes sample pitch letter with easy to fill in information. Includes a list of tips to get get in touch with brands, get noticed by brands and the best app to keep track of your pitches once you send them

Includes sample pitch letter with easy to fill in information
Includes a list of tips to get get in touch with brands, get noticed by brands and the best app to keep track of your pitches once you send them

Includes sample pitch letter with easy to fill in information
Includes a list of tips to get noticed by Hotels and Hotel Firms and an easy ways to get your foot in the door for compensated stays

Includes sample pitch letter to PR Firms/Designers for Fashion Week coverage
Includes tips on how to register for fashion weeks and sites to join to make it easier

Includes a sample pitch letter with rates for different services you can offer to a brand for partnerships and collaborations (you choose your own rates to fill in) If you don’t know where to start with what you can offer brands for a collaboration the tips in this package will give you tons of ideas

Includes sample pitch letter with easy to fill in information
Includes a list of tips of how to contact brands, things you need to have before asking for sponsorship, and what to do once they’ve agreed to sponsor including forms you will need

Includes sample pitch letter to designers and businesses to pull and borrow clothing
Includes a list of tips (as well as the letter you need in order to pull at all and a sample of that letter), What to do once once they’ve agreed to let you pull

Includes pitch template letter to Hotels/PR as well as a pitch template letter to brands to specifically leverage your social media for compensation during travel
Tips you need to know before reaching out to hotels and brands and how to get your foot in the door with travel compensation


How to Increase Followers, Viewers & Engagement through Instastories
How to use Instagram Analytics to increase your visibility
How to work with brands utilizing Instastories
Tips to Monetize your Instastories and drive views to your website/business
My 10 Favorite Apps (with instructions) for creating amazing Instastories that everyone will love (multiple videos in one story, animated text, pop up photos, continuous videos, adding voice overs & music, record screens and more!)

The ULTIMATE Pitch Template Package: Our 3 Best Sellers $149.99

The Perfect Pitch Template Package to Brands, Hotels and to Cover Fashion Week + a Rates Sheet
The Perfect Pitch Template Package for Travel: Leveraging Your Social Media for Travel Specific Collaborations
Instastories Pro eBook

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Customer Reviews:

As a creative I can style a shoot, style an outfit or photograph others without a thought but when it comes to the business side of blogging, I struggle. These templates by Monroe have revolutionized and simplified my pitching process! Now I don’t get anxiety about how to approach certain brands, I can just review all these amazing tips and feel confident that I can pitch with the best of them!

Jennifer Jean-Pierre | editor in chief, Comme Coco
Comme Coco

Love love love!

1) It’s informative 
2) Easy to read without feeling overwhelmed 
3) Anyone can benefit from this and it covers so many different pitches that can help both influencers who are in the game as well new ones
4) The price point is sweet

These templates definitely help to save time. I learned a few things before I even got to the pitches. Like apps for tracking pitches, what needs to be included when email pitching for fashion week and tons of PR pitch tips. BUY IT!

Vanessa Lundy
Vana Vain

I purchased this on a whim because I promised myself that I wouldn’t invest anymore in other’s get rich quick schemes and continue to do the research myself. I have invested A LOT of money in prominent influencers who claim their masterclass or manual will be the answer to all my blogging woes. Without fail, the information actually shared is super vague or a cut and paste from a google search which leaves me feeling underwhelmed, hoodwinked, bamboozeled and in the same predicament as before. But this right here, The Perfect Pitch, is exactly what I needed! The information was precise and my results are immediate! No more guesswork! Thank you so much for creating and sharing this information!

Ondia Butler
Ondia J

I’ve been a freelancer for about 7 years and I’ve got to say these templates are a God send.  As a business owner and stylist I now have the standard tools to take my brand to the next level. Thanks so much for making it simple to read and affordable!!

Milou Bazile
Business Owner & Stylist

Just WOW. As a fellow blogger, I’m always skeptical about purchasing “templates” from other bloggers because you know I just love scouring the internet for hours searching for one answer that could make or break your pitch. *insert sarcasm anywhere* But, when Monroe offered her templates, you could see the wheels turning in my mind. Not, only was I considering it — I was going for it! If you follow Monroe and Fashion Steele NYC, you know she’s always doing big things and serving in every way and after meeting her, the black girl magic and lack of competition was real. What does that have to do with her PERFECT PITCH Template Package? She left no stone unturned. She didn’t hold back. She didn’t save the best information for herself. She laid it all out there and gave us specific tools to prosper forward! That’s what set the PEFECT PITCH Template Package apart from others!

You know how they say if you bring a man fish, he will eat but if you teach him how to fish, he’ll never go hungry? Well, the PERFECT PITCH Template Package is giving it to you and teaching you how! What I really love about the PERFECT PITCH Templates is that each section explains to you why you are doing what you are doing; while giving you the freedom to personalize each email for each template. The PERFECT PITCH Template isn’t just a template; its a road map to success. Monroe breaks down tips to find contact information for brands, hotels and Fashion Week info and also gives you a perfect email template to send out to for possible opportunities. What more can you ask for? I can definitely see how blogger and influencers of ALL sizes can benefit from Monroe’s PERFECT PITCH Template Package!

Staci Pearson
Coco and Click

Monroe’s Perfect Pitch Templates are exactly what they say they are, PERFECT! Pitching brands has always been a bit of a challenge for me, and in an industry where having a full proof pitch at your disposal can make or break your requests, this is a problem you don’t want to have. These templates are detailed, informative, and easy to understand and they’re a great way to save time when it comes to approaching the business side of this creative field so that you can focus on doing what you do best, being creative! And PS, if you’re worried about the price, trust me not only are you getting a bang for your buck, but you’ll surely make that money back!

Nigel Isaiah | Freelance Writer & Editor








  1. June 7, 2018 / 2:20 am

    I am so impressed. Like many of us, I’ve invested in a lot of these worksheets and how to’s and I’ve never come across something this good. Remember, to make money you gotta spend some money. THIS IS TOTALLY AN INVESTMENT! Thank you so much Monroe, you are a lifesaver!! From here on, any success I owe it all to you.



    • monroesteele
      June 7, 2018 / 9:03 am

      Thanks so much Pamela! I appreciate you so much! Good Luck!


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