My New Miami Beach Home Decor & Furniture

I recently moved into my first home in Miami Beach and I wanted to create a blog post to feature all of the home decor and furniture I’ve outfitted my first home with! I wanted this home to be very tranquil and bright so I stuck with a lot of whites, beiges, natural woods and a few splashes of black to break up some of the stark whites. I love that this home has a light beach vibe and I instantly feel peaceful when I enter the door. Below I’ve shared all of my favorite furniture and home decor pieces from each room as well as amazon finds that I think you all will love. Bookmark and share this post for home decor inspiration!


My living room area consist of one room for eating and living and it’s not the biggest area so I separated the living and dining space with rugs. I used a white/natural fiber jute rug from amazon under the coach to designate that area as living space. The white boucle couch was a gift from Lulu and Georgia and the TV console was an oldie but a goodie also from Amazon. I actually love my Vizio TV as well which comes equipped with all the TV apps from Amazon to Hulu and Netflix as well as YouTube! I like to snuggle up on the couch and watch all of my favorite YouTube Channels from Highlowluxxe to Octavia B!


One of my forever pieces for my kitchen is this round concrete table from CB2. This table can easily sit 6 but I outfitted it with 2 chairs from Safavieh home which is one of my favorite home decor and furniture brands. I love the juxtaposition of creams, blacks and raffia. This space is separated from the living space by using a faux cowhide rug from Wayfair. I also really love these raffia place mats on the table from Pottery Barn. I live for a good pan and my favorite pan is from Our Place. Their pans are incredible and come in a variety of neutral and natural matte colors. Most of my vases and vases throughout the space are a mixture of CB2, Anissa Kermiche and Amazon.


My office/closet is where I get most of my work done so I need it to be functional and bright. I have 1 IKEA set that houses all of my folded clothing and a few of my favorite shoes as well as jewelry. You can get more details on IKEA Pax Systems here and watch this full video of my Pax System in my Harlem apartment. I have a large mirror from West Elm that I do my outfit of the days in and a wooden dest from Target that I built myself. I love that the desk has 2 large shelves on either side to hide all of my PR and Beauty products. The chair is another score from Safavieh home and the lamp is a cool find from CB2. I also love this laptop board I found on Amazon so that I can work from any room. My industrial clothing racks are also from Amazon and currently holding all of my clothing until my closet is finished.


I kept my bedroom very minimal because I mostly sleep in there. I don’t do much else in this room and wanted it to feel like a cozy oasis where I can go to rejuvenate myself. I spend a hefty amount of money on quality bedding from Parachute Home and affordable bedding from Casa Luna at Target. My bed is my forever bed from CB2 and I waited about 4 months for it to be delivered but it was well worth it. My mattress is a box mattress if you can believe it or not from Amazon and it is hands down the best mattress I’ve ever had in my life. I also have amazing gel pillows with just the right amount of firmness for a wonderful nights sleep. I recently added a bench trunk from CB2 to the room for more storage space.


If you watched my Home Decor Tour Video, you probably know that this hallways is one of my favorite areas in my new Miami Beach home! I outfitted it with a mirror from West Elm, a lovely wooden bench from Lulu and Georgia, a vase from Anissa Kermiche, a few of my favorite fashion coffee table books and some picture frames from H&M Home! I love sitting on this bench with my cup of coffee in the morning and watching the huge Bird of Paradise plants outside my window sway in the wind. This window is also where I like to keep a Replica Maison Margiela candle of a Christian Dior Candle.


Most of my books are fashion, lifestyle and home decor related so I get most of them from Amazon, Marshalls and Target! I also have a hefty amount of coffee table books centered around Blackness, the Black experience or by Black authors.


I have a massive amount of vases, vessels and knick knacks in my home! They are seriously my love language and can elevate any space. Most are from places like Amazon, Target, Farfetch and Walmart and a few are from Black Owned Home Decor brand Stick Icki! I also love a good candle and my favorites are from Margiela, Byredo, Marshalls and Christian Dior!


I recently did a home decor amazon haul video, so definitely check that out here, but for organization and maximizing my space Amazon has been a favorite. I got these super cool trashcans with built in toilet cleaners for every bathroom and these organizing trays for all of my bathroom drawers. I also got all of my Amazon Echo Dots to set up Alexa in each room and the cool space saving spice rack holders perfect for your cabinets!


I hope this post was helpful for all those looking to decorate a space! You can also shop all of my looks by downloading the Shop.LTK app here and following here on my profile where I post all of my outfits links daily! I am also dropping an Amazon The Drop Clothing Collection soon and it will only be live to shop for 30 hours so if you don’t want to miss it CLICK HERE AND SIGN UP FOR TEXT/EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS!








  1. Nadine Okuns
    July 27, 2022 / 7:20 pm

    I am always in awh at you keen sense of style in both fashion and décor, my two favorite things. Keep up the amazing work. I’m watching,

  2. Salema
    August 11, 2022 / 11:05 am

    I love your videos I’ve watched every one of your videos and you’re so inspiring, and always classy elegant and beautiful living your best life!! Congratulations to all your success! Peace and blessings always!

  3. Wanda Williams
    September 23, 2022 / 7:15 am

    I am a 54 and a breast cancer survivor!!! I LOVE your vlogs, personality and style!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  4. Victoria Wilson
    October 12, 2022 / 4:35 pm

    This is my first time coming to your website! I love it and I enjoy all of your content on YouTube and IG! You’re Miami Home is Givinnnngg!!! You are a true fashion and all around inspiration for SOOO Much :-)!!! Continue to Slay Life Lady! #Blessed&Beautiful!

  5. Venus
    January 23, 2023 / 1:08 pm

    Hi Monroe!

    I love the home tour video and on this blog enjoyed all of the content you provided and all the updates you give in real time and you decorate your Miami home. The purses, the closet, and your special bench area are really aesthetically pleasing to the eye!
    I love your Harlem home decorations as well. Really nice. Specially, those gorgeous plants.

  6. March 16, 2023 / 12:56 am

    Hi I’m a new viewer and I’m just in awe in all that you do. You are my new favorite vlogger I enjoy binge watching each and every episode every weekend. I’ve bought a few home decors as you and handbags. Congratulations on your beautiful home and continual success. I’ll be watching!

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