5 Awesome Gifts to Give for the Holidays + Gift Giving Tips

Happy December loves! I can hardly believe this is the last month of the year! There have been tons of amazing sales over the last week and hopefully during that time you stocked up on your gifts for the holidays. I just ordered my Holiday Cards to send to brands and businesses I’ve worked with this year and a few gifts! While perusing all the sales for clothes and shoes (for myself because I’m the closet whisperer), I stumbled across a ton of amazing gifts to give for the holidays. For now I’m gonna list my top 5 but I’ll include a few extras that you can click on if interested as well. The great thing is that most of the gifts are on sale! Hurry and start your shopping now so that you can receive your gifts to give within the week. Keep in mind shipping nearly doubles during this time because of all the sales. I’d also recommend shipping your gifts directly to the receiver along with the tracking information to save yourself some holiday anxiety. 


If you watch my Instastories you know I dance nearly every morning while I make myself a cup of Nespresso Coffee. I just got the new VertuoPlus machine and I love it. It’s quiet, sleek and chic and makes a hot cup of coffee or espresso in seconds. It’s touch activated too. It’s currently on sale for $116. The coffee boxes come with 10 coffee capsules and cost anywhere from $10 a sleeve to $15 for speciality flavors. Yes, 10 cups of coffee for $1 each. Yooooo, if you’re spending $5 a day at Starbucks you’re really playing yourself. This is much more cost efficient and better for the planet. The coffee capsules are recyclable and Nespresso gives you a bag to recycle your pods (WITH POSTAGE). Literally you drop it off and its they are turned into cool things like pens! They come in numbers colors and make a great gift. If you’re concerned about where to buy capsules, you can order them directly from Nespresso to be mailed to your home or visit any of their luxurious boutique stores. Here in New York City theres one in Soho and one inside of Macy’s. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 


This was the best gift I received this year LOL. No joke. I’m someone who suffers from anxiety and my anxiety is tension related. I when I’m really stressed I usually wake up in a super tight ball and feel as though I didn’t sleep at all because my body was activating its muscle fibers during the entire night. This blanket has become my savor. It feels like a gentle hug encompassing me during the night. I got the 12 lb Luna Weighted Blanket but you can buy them anywhere really: Target, Walmart, Amazon and anywhere that blankets are sold. They come in varying weights and should be 10% of your body weight. I’m not an expert on the science you can google that for yourself, I just know I love it and it works. I wish I could pack it away with me when I go on trips, but then my suitcase would be too heavy. LOL. 


Look, I know gift cards can seem not very personal when it comes to gift giving but they’re actually the most perfect personal gift you can give. It’s also a sure fire way that the receiver will get what they actually desire or need. Personally, I’d never buy: Jewelry, Clothes or Perfume as gifts (unless it’s for your non-adult children). When it comes to buying those things for adults those things are extremely personal. People DM me photos of clothes all the time saying they think I’d like it and 100% of the time I don’t. I’ve had my mom buy me clothes as an adult only for me to give them to my sister or give them away to charity. You don’t know a person’s taste better than they do. I PROMISE ON MY LIFE YOU DON’T.  So just go with a gift card so you don’t have to wonder why they never wear that ugly sweater or scarf you bought them. Let’s keep holiday awkwardness at a minimum. I’m not saying to give them money gift cards, you can personalize the store because I’m sure you at least know where they like to shop and the thoughtfulness can be in that aspect. Gift cards that people can use in store help cut down on packaging waste as well. You can also get e-Gift Cards and email them directly to the receiver for those who prefer to shop online!

Some great places to get gift cards to include:

Sephora– For Makeup Lovers

Macy’s – For clothing, shoes and house wear items

Airbnb (yes you can give someone the gift of a vacation credit)

Le Labo – For the Fragrance Connoisseur

Net-a-Porter – For Designer and Luxury Fashion

Best Buy – For the Electronic Lover

Target – A great gift for Families

Elemis Skincare – For the Skincare Enthusiast


Books are an excellent gift to give especially if you know what the gift receiver is interested in. Some of my favorite books to give as gifts include the Kinfolk Series: Kinfolk Entrepreneur, Kinfolk Home and Kinfolk Table. These books are chalked full of useful information and beautiful aesthetically pleasing photography. they make excellent coffee table and frequently referenced books. I also love fashion decor books from Chanel to Dior. If your gift recipient is into decor and fashion these types of books make excellent gifts. Another great gift in the realm of books is magazine subscriptions. My good friend Rose subscribed me to Travel & Leisure as well as Entrepreneur Magazine for a full year and I can’t tell you how life changing these magazines have been for my business and creativity. I never would have subscribed to either one and now I don’t know how I lived before them!


Lulus Sweater | Green Faux Leather Skirt | Tamara Mellon Icon Boots (ON SALE) | Lele Sadoughi Earrings (ON SALE)| Céline Bag



No I’m not talking about monogrammed robes…but now that I think about it that’s a pretty cool gift. I’m talking about the ultimate thoughtful gift that you 100% without a shadow of a doubt know that the gift recipient wants or needs. During the holiday season I alway gift someone by buying their groceries. If a friend just had a baby and you know they are struggling for some free time, offer to babysit. You can also give emotional gifts. My ex boyfriend used to talk about this car toy that his late father bought for him. He mentioned it so many times, I just knew it was important to him and that he was sad that he didn’t still have that toy. So I scoured eBay for this toy from the early 80s, found one and presented it to him on Christmas Day. Those are emotional gifts and honestly they are the very best gifts. When you know someone so well, that you know they will love and appreciate and cherish the gift. It’s the ultimate thoughtful present anyone could ever give. Remember gifts are not just material things. You can gift your time, your help and your knowledge just as easily as you could buy something.

Happy Gift Giving Season! I hope you get what you want and what you need. What are some of your gift giving tips? Drop them below in the comments. 





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