Top 5 #NYFW Street Style Trends

One of the reasons I love New York Fashion Week so much is because of the inspiration I get from seeing what everyone is wearing to the shows. Yes, as fashion show attendees we get to see up close and personal what will be on the shelves 6 months from now, but I wanna see what people are wearing this Fall! So far, New York Fashion Week has not disappointed me when it comes to street style. These people are OUTCHEA y’all and they did not come to play. They reached all the way back into the fashion sections of their closets and I for one am hella inspired. Fashion Month in general always gives me Fall Outfit Inspiration. If you haven’t seen my Top 10 Fall Trends Video or the corresponding blog post, be sure to check those out. But today is all about the Top 5 Trends I’ve been seeing on the streets of New York Fashion Week. 

Bottega Veneta Everywhere

Daniel Lee has a cult like following and it’s apparent since he formally worked with Phoebe Philo at Old Céline and y’all KNOW how people went crazy hoarding her designs when she left the brand. Yes, it’s that good. He seems to have stepped in and filled that old Céline hole that was missing. Seriously, I stood backstage at the TIbi show and counted 6 pair of Bottega shoes within a 4 foot radius and that’s not even counting the oversized puffy clutch bags. Yall, all the fashion girls are all over Bottega. I’m currently hunting down this pair of mules. Knowing good and damn well I should have pre-ordered from the website when I had the chance. SMH. Hopefully I find them in Paris in 2 weeks. 

White On White, Yes, Even After Labor Day

Another trend I saw overwhelmingly on the streets of New York Fashion Week, were all white ensembles, down to the shoes. I KNEW IT!!! Which was why I chose to wear this all white denim Tibi number to the Tibi show. I mean white is hella chic and it just goes to show that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. I actually think white looks the best in the dead of winter. 

A Thousand Sparkly Hair Clips Please

I haven’t quite hopped on this trend yet, cause I’m currently rocking the chic no frills hair slicked back in a bun look but it’s a good one. The Sparkly hair clips were HUGE this New York Fashion Week. The bigger and sparklier and quirkier words on them, the better. I’ve seen plenty a NYFW side profile street style photography sessions outside the shows, solely documenting this trend. Luckily, this trend is super easy to try out and doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. 

Suits Suits Suits

Everyone is wearing suits! One in every 3 people at New York Fashion Week has on a suit on any given day. LOL. Just kidding, I just made that statistic up, but it’s probably true. Suits are having their moment. You can dress them up with a great pair of stilettos or dress them down with a comfy sneaker. And that brings us to our final NYFW Trend. Damn, that was a helluva segway. 

Colorful Sneakers

All the cool girls, and guys and non binarys, are wearing colorful comfy sneakers to the shows! I actually love the juxtaposition of a sneaker and a very chic look, say a sequin skirt or a long patent leather trench coat. Plus, the comfort of a sneaker has to be a reprieve from the constant pain of wearing heels all day. Trust me, even the most comfortable heels start to hurt after standing in line waiting for fashion shows all day.

Dress + Hat c/o Derek Lam | Céline Boots | Staud Bag

Alright loves, so these are the Top 5 New York Fashion Week Street Style trends taking over! Which just means, these are 5 things you should probably have in your Fall wardrobe! The streets are never wrong, and most of the time they dictate whats on the runway. 




Special thanks to Derek Lam for loaning me this amazing dress for New York Fashion Week!


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