VIDEO: My 45 minute workout for gluts, legs and abdominals

My 45 minute workout targeting gluts, core and abdominals

I hate going to the gym. I like running but can really only do it in Spring and Summer. The air is too cold in the Fall & Winter here in New York City. So when I need a good sweat fest I do a 45 minute workout that mostly targets my legs, gluts and abdominals. As a physical therapist, I do a lot of lifting/carrying/stretching of my upper body. I find that just work alone really gives my upper body especially my arms and pectorals a good workout. So when I do workout, I barely do any arm work, which is why not many arm exercises are included. Here’s my list of exercises below. Please do consult your physician or physical therapist before starting any new exercises. Also drop any questions you have below in the comments!


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3 Sets of 10 High Knees followed by 10 Squats

[Works abs, thighs, gluts, hamstrings]

3 Sets of 10 Lunges on Each Leg with 5 lbs arm lifts

[Works thighs, hamstrings, gluts, arms]

3 Sets of 10 Fire Hydrates followed by 10 Hip Extensions

[Works gluts, hamstrings]

3 Set of 10 Hip Extension each leg Laying on Stomach

[Works gluts, hamstrings]

3 sets of 10 Bridges followed by 10 Single Leg Bridges on Each leg

[Works gluts, abdominals, thighs, hamstrings]

3 Sets of 10 Straight Leg Raises Each Leg

[Works thighs, hips, core]

3 Sets of 10 Double Leg Lifts followed by 10 air cycling 

[Works abdominals, thighs]

3 Sets of 10 hip abduction (sidelying) followed by 10 opposite leg hip adduction

[Works gluts, hip abductors (outside of thighs) and hip adductors (inside of thighs)]

1 Sets of 10 Elbow Planks held for 10 seconds each followed by 3 cobra poses

[Planks work the core and arms and cobras are great for lower back pain]


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Please consult your Physician or Physical Therapist before starting a new fitness routine.

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  1. Ethel Mae Davis
    October 18, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    Hi play granddaughter, I am enjoying your blog with the excise and the one also about the give away. I want to know if you have a DVD on those excise for a 68 YRS OLD person, I need this so I can do these for toning up my legs,thighs,and stomach. I have health problems also.need these to help me. Do try to keep up with you. VERY beautiful grandbaby

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