Apps making it rain for InstaStories

Hey Hey. So you’re here because you wanna know what apps I’m using to do my InstaStories? You want to know how to make a story smaller or bigger. How to add two or more videos or photos to a story and how to create custom InstaStory templates for free (and not pay for those Instastory preset templates that EVERY BLOGGER USES), then look no further. Instagram is fast becoming my favorite social media platform. It used to be twitter but oh Instagram, how I love thee despite all the little hiccups. Would you believe I get about 75% of my website/blog traffic from Instagram? Well believe it because it’s true. I also make about 50% of blog income from Instagram as well, whether that be through swipe up affiliate links in my InstaStories or links to products in my highlights or the tried and true LINK IN BIO. There’s also Instagram & stories takeovers for that dough too. Honestly, Instagram is not new, nothing annoys me more that someone asking about a product before checking the link. Let’s show a little respect for the 2-3 hours it took me to put a post together folks. A click goes a long way. Ok, Ok, so back to InstaStories and what apps I use.

Here’s a Quick Video of Some of My InstaStories Work and you can see more Here

The number 1 App I use to create amazing InstaStories in InShot. It doesn’t come with a manual you just have to tinker with it until you learn everything you can do with it. But don’t worry I take you through step by step on how to do the coolest features. It’s most definitely not the only app I use. I actually have a handy stash of 10 apps that are my Go-To’s for creating engaging, interactive and visually stimulating InstaStories. Brand’s absolutely love my stories and I’ve done InstaStory takeovers for several brands including Shea Moisture & Rent The Runway. And yes, these were compensated takeovers (meaning I got dollar bills for them, not just exposure). When brands see what you can do and how you can actually keep an audience on the page, they want a piece of that action. I’ve actually had social media managers for huge brands DM me to ask me about the apps I’m using. Even they know the pay increase that comes with knowing how to engage an audience. It’s not just brands either, if you, yourself just want increased viewership and engagement there are a few things you need to be doing on your Instastories (and it’s not all about apps either). On a good day (my best day is Saturday for Stories; oh and I can show you what your best day is as well), I average about 2000 views on my stories with less than 45% of forward clicks. This means people are actually watching every second of my 15 second clips on InstaStories instead of skipping to the next slide or exiting my stories.

I created a 10 Page InstaStories Pro eBook for all those wondering how to take their InstaStories to the next level. Here’s what you get for the price of a good meal, that could potentially bring you in thousands of dollars a month, whether from brand collaborations or increased business:

In-depth tips for finding your audience
How to find the best time to post (on InstaStories and on Instagram)
Simple tips to increase your engagement, viewership and followers
How to sell on Instastories
How to direct traffic from your Instagram to your website or business seamlessly
How to get on Brands radars via InstaStories

Oh and if you physically need someone to show you just how to use these apps, how to pitch to brands, how to get your business noticed and how to increase your social media presence.

Check out my Etsy Shop for all my Pitch Templates, Instastories Pro eBook and So You Wanna Be A Blogger eBook. 







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