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After the Revolve Controversy (if you’re unfamiliar; refer to this post by Valerie of On a Curve), basically bloggers of color are fed up with Revolve and their penchant for black cultural appropriation yet never inviting any bloggers of color, specifically black women to be a part of anything they have going on from influencer trips to marketing. Many bloggers and influencers spoke out about this, including Jen of Comme Coco and I with an Instagram Live. By the way, thanks for tuning in to our chat! We will try to make it a regular monthly thing. So if you aren’t following me on instagram go ahead and hit that follow button here.

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What came out of that live chat was a few things:

1). Support each other. Black women need to support black women. People of color need to support people of color. There’s always this underlying competition because it seems there are only a certain amount of “spots” for us in white America but we can’t think like that anymore. It’s divisive and doesn’t do us any good as a people. We have to support the businesses and companies that support us and that goes for Black Business as well.

2). Talk about money. In the black community its taught that money is a subject like politics and religion that you never speak about. It’s taboo in our community to discuss finances and wealth or lack there of and this way of thinking only hinders us. It seeps over into this blogging thing as well. If we aren’t discussing what we are making with our campaigns amongst each other, we are doing ourselves a great disservice. We can’t get ahead if we don’t have a starting point. We have to level the playing field and that means having conversations about compensation.

3). We aren’t begging for inclusion when we call out brands like Revolve for not representing a myriad of sizes and colors. Yes, we can create things for ourselves, and support those who support us, but simply not shopping with them isn’t enough. They need to hear that what they are doing is not right. That they can’t take everything about a culture specifically black culture but then choose to purposely leave us out of everything they do. It’s not about them only, it’s a message to all companies that this isn’t cool and we’re ready to call them out on it and drag them through the internet’s if they don’t wise up.

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Photography by Rose Lazard
Editing by Monroe Steele
Harlem, NYC

Omondi Sweatshirt (remember this one from an episode of Insecure) | Dezzal Denim Skirt | Balenciaga Boots via The Real Real (get $25 Off to shop at The Real Real) | Hair by Morkinks

So back to number one, about supporting each other. One of the biggest questions we got during the live chat was can we list some Black Owned Businesses that we love and that we support and that supports us. Here as a list on Essence of Black Businesses and my list below to get you started. If you know a few more please drop the business with their websites or handle on instagram in the comments!

Morkinks Natural Hair Salon
Catherine Marion Natural Haircare Products use code Monroe15 for 15% Off
Vibrant Beauty
Hana Hana Beauty
Kay Lux Cosmetics
Curl Sista’s Hair Extensions
Big Hair No Care Hair Extensions – Freddie Harrel
Base Butter
Law Beauty Essentials
Sade Milinda Studio Salon
The Mane Choice Hair Products
Flo and Theo (All Natural/Vegan Products)
Champ de Fluers Skincare
Melanin Kings Bootcamp
Slay For Life Kela Walker Exercise Classes

A Log Cabin in Brooklyn use code: ALCIB for 10% Off
Indigo Pony Handmade Jewelry use code: Monroe20 for 20% Off
Boy Beads
Fanm Djanm
Emijaa Jaaemil Headwraps
Tnemnroda Sunglasses

Dadou Studios
Tee’s in the Trap
Filthy Magic
Life Style Statement
Sincerely Tommy
Marche Rue Dix
Tracy Chambers Vintage
Taylor Jay
The Tiny Closet
House of Adornment
Vetu de Joy

Rum Punch Brunch NYC
The Black Brush NYC
1 Life 2 Live Entertainment
Everyday People

If you know of any more black owned businesses please drop them in the comments with the website or the business instagram handle!





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  1. January 22, 2018 / 8:11 am

    Bravo lady. Love the list and the outfit!! And thank you for adding Titt!

  2. February 23, 2018 / 7:53 pm

    Love the list. You can also add Moshood under fashion.

  3. February 23, 2018 / 7:58 pm

    Moshood instagram @moshoodofficial

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