THE PERFECT PITCH: So you wanna pitch to brands?

The Perfect Pitch

I’ve gotten tons of emails from new and seasoned bloggers wanting to know my process for pitching to brands to secure collaborations, partnerships, compensated stays at hotels and to cover international and local fashion weeks. I pitch on a regular basis and have a very simple template letter that I tailor to specific brands. It’s worked in regards to creating a professional and polished pitch that usually results in a collaboration and long term relationships with brands. A few brands I’ve worked with include: Shea Moisture, Shopbop, Urban Outfitters, Dove, Whole Foods, General Motors, Guess Watches, Sole Society and more. You can see more of my past and current collaborations here.

It wasn’t always this way. I started blogging before bloggers even really did collaborations with brands. It took years of trial and error to learn all the things that I know now. I did a lot of the leg work on my own as there was no one to really ask. I taught myself how to register for fashion week and when I no longer wanted to pay, I taught myself how to reach out to designers independently to secure invites to fashion shows. When I was well versed in how to tackle New York Fashion Week, I researched the hell outta Paris Fashion Week. My first Paris Fashion Week in 2014 and I sat front row at 3 shows. It was an absolute dream. It was so awesome that the next year I did New York, Milan and Paris. Milan kicked my ass but I had such a wonderful time. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. I know how to register for all 4 major fashion weeks and how to get a compensated stay at major hotels while doing so.

I’ve worked with hotels for collaborations in New York City as well as Paris. When I went to Paris last September for Paris Fashion Week, my entire 6 days there where comped by different hotels. It was such a cool experience too. Just know that this is possible for anyone. I don’t have a HUGE following but I know what brands want in regards to coverage and how to OVER deliver. I have a ton of informative tips to help you get ahead with your pitches. Things it took me YEARS of trial and error to learn, can be yours with a click of a button. Now what you do with that information is up to you, but I’d suggest going forth and making some money!


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