The Perfect Slip Dress


I know, I’ve already posted about this slip dress because it was the only dress I took to Paris! I wore it like this and like this and it was perfect for every occasion. This was one of my best buys of 2016 that I featured in Fashion Steele NYC 2016 Review Magazine! Well, I’m wearing it again because finally we got some warm weather here in New York City. This past weekend was simply gorgeous and I wanted something silky and smooth against my skin while I soaked up the first few warm rays of sun.

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Photography by Rose Lazare

 Slip Dress via Revolve Clothing | White Crop Top via | Dezzal Red Leather Jacket | Stella McCartney Boots | Faux Locs Hair by Morkinks


I had such a good weekend! My good friend came into town and we had a blast. I finally went and checked out Sunday in Brooklyn a bomb ass restaurant in Williamsburg. It was delicious! I had the Sundey Coffee (which included rum) and a stack of pancakes drizzled with hazelnut maple praline syrup and brown butter. Yes. I went into an extreme case of itis after devouring it. They have so many amazing things on the menu that I’ll have to return. If you visit be sure to make a reservation because they were packed to the gills with every hipster and fashion blogger in Brooklyn. Let’s just say the crowd was very trendy and fashionable. It reminded me of the lounge during New York Fashion Week at Skylight. If you follow my Instastories: @monroesteele hopefully you got to check it out!

It felt so good just to get out and walk around the city this weekend with just a leather jacket. I really love Williamsburg. I used to dream of moving there, before I discovered the rent was too damn high and that most of the people in that area voted for Trump. I just can’t do it to myself. But I do love roaming Williamsburg in the spring and especially in the summer for The Brooklyn Flea Market and all the thrift and vintage shops. Not to mention all the great hotels and bars opening up from The William Vale to The Williamsburg Hotel.

I hope you all were able to take advantage of all the President’s Day Sales and perhaps get your own perfect slip dress. Don’t forget you can now Shop My Poshmark Closet!



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