Holiday Gifts for Every Woman & Bearded Man in Your Life

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It’s officially holiday time, which means it’s prime shopping season. We’ve all been bombarded with gift guides, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and End of Season sales. It’s the perfect storm for buying gifts for everyone, including yourself. This is the time when I love to buy that one thing for myself that I’ve been coveting (these Gucci beauties). I must say that the gratification that comes along with getting someone the PERFECT gift, can boost my ego well into 2017. I pride myself on being the most thoughtful and personal gift giver. Yes, its all about giving, but damnit if I won’t be the best at it! I want you to be the best at it as well. So without further ado, here is The Best Damned Holiday Guide that you’ll ever need for Every Woman and Bearded Man in your life. (Go ahead and bookmark this post and enjoy the fruits of my labor when you are lifted up onto the shoulders of your gift recipients).

The Fashionista

The modern day fashionista loves to be inspired. It doesn’t have to always be about buying someone clothes. I would never recommend buying someone clothes. Clothes are very personal and it’s very easy to get it wrong. Instead of buying clothes for a fashionista, I’d opt for a gift card to one of her favorite stores or websites like Shopbop, ASOS, Net-A-Porter, & Other Stories and Six:02. Fashionista’s also love coffee. TRUST ME. So if you want to buy an item such as a Nepresso coffee maker or really cool and fashionable marble mugs, that will score you points. In addition to clothes, shoes and accessories, a Fashionista loves fashion books. You can never go wrong with a good fashionable notebook/planner or a coffee table book like The Coveteur’s latest book. A rolling rack and a mini clothing steamer also make excellent gifts for The Fashionista. Custom jewelry always works well too, from name plates necklaces to monogrammed bracelets, Onecklace is super affordable and has everything. I just got two necklaces, one engraved with my late grandmother’s birthdate in roman numerals and another with her initials.

The Naturalista

Having natural hair is a lifestyle. One that requires patience and tireless arm strength. It’s a life of shelves and shelves of awesome smelling hair products, wash days and bonnets. In addition to cool subscription boxes like CurlBox, Naturalista’s are product junkies and love to try new things. Get them a Gift from Function of Beauty where they can customize their own Shampoo and Conditioner based on what they’re looking to get from the products. They can even choose their own smell and color! Their customized shampoo and conditioner is delivered to them in a lovely package as well. For the Natural gal, I’d even collect a few different products such as Jamaican Black Caster Oil, 100% Aloe Vera Juice, Satin Pillow Cases, Spray Bottles and flexirods and make a Holiday Box for them that they’ll love. Even better if the box doubles as storage because Naturalista’s never have enough space for all those products! Also if your Naturalista is anything like me, a hand held dust buster is a God sent for maintaining a clean home free of 1 million hair balls.

New Yorkers, If you love a good protective style from Havana Twist to Faux Locks or Braids, check out and use code: MorkinksH17 for 20% off Your Next Hair Style! Code is good until January 31st! Follow them on Instagram too.

The Beauty Guru

The Beauty Guru is the friend you always call when you have a question about makeup. What the hell is contouring and how do I make a highlight that won’t have me looking crazy during a flash photo? This friend has containers on containers of makeup and usually does all your and your friends makeup when it’s girls night out. To save time and make sure they get what they want, a gift certificate to Sephora is ALWAYS the way to go. Don’t even try to pick out makeup for them because they already know what works. Instead go with skin care products such as a face masks set, a great lotion set like this one to get them through the winter, an exfoliator, or even a facial spa steamer. Makeup first starts with great skin! Get a few smaller products and make a Beauty Box for her!

The Fake Interior Designer

The fake interior designer, we’ve all been her. Some of us are real interior designers, I am not. She’s the girl who loves a good estate sale, who lives in Ikea, The Container Store, World Market, and Crate & Barrel. She has the finest bedding from Target or West Elm and will hit up every Goodwill to find one mans trash and turn it into treasure with a paint job. She’s into art and sometimes makes her own using canvas and water colors. These people are hard to buy for because you never really know what they’re taste are so Gift cards are your friend. Get them gift cards to: Urban Outfitters who has amazing home goods and furnishings, Uncommon Goods for unique home decor, or my personal favorites CB2 for kitchen products and West Elm for everything in between.

The Tech Enthusiast

I have yet to meet a woman who is a tech enthusiast, but I’m sure they exists. They have the iPhone 7 and somehow do really well on all forms of social media especially Instagram. They have the best camera’s and know how to use photoshop. Wonderful gifts for tech enthusiasts include instant fuji camera’s, marble Macbook covers, wireless headphones, and iPhone mounts to take those perfect hands free instastory and snapchat videos.

The Bearded Man

If you’re lucky you have a bearded man in your life. He could be your brother, father, grandfather or even your boo. Hell, you may be a bearded man. So this here little compilation of things a bearded man needs and loves is for you pogonophiles like me.

Subscriptions Are The Major Holiday Gift Key

Porter Magazine Subscription Perfect for the Fashionista

GLOSSY BOX Subscription Beauty Guru’s and Lovers will dig this

My Best Box Subscription For the health and wholistic conscious Girl or Guy, Get $5 Off with Code: steele

Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. It’s a wonderful way to put someone on to something great.

When buying gifts especially via a website (which I encourage you do), take advantage of the sale codes as well as joining email lists to get an additional 10-20% off your purchase. Learn HOW TO SHOP THE SALES and check out PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR MEN

Happy Holiday Shopping Beloveds




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