The Unfinished Church Bermuda


Alicia and I had just had ice cream from a little shop in downtown St. Georges and after lolly gagging through the colorful town and shops we began to walk uphill. We just wanted to explore every nook of St. George’s Town in Bermuda. The clouds were darkening and we knew it would rain soon but we were content to keep walking uphill. We walked through a narrow alley, stopping to take a photo of a picturesque pink Bermudian home covered in beautiful vines. Then we walked on only to walk right up to the base of The Unfinished Church. I knew exactly what we had stumbled upon as soon as I laid my eyes on the 140+ year old gothic beauty. In 1926 a hurricane came along and destroyed much of the construction. Because of conflicts between parishioners and wanting money to be allocated elsewhere by the towns people and government, construction pretty much stopped and the church was left to the elements. There was a restoration in 2010 and it was closed for repairs and opened in 2013 to the public. It is now a protected historical monument in Bermuda.

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Photography by Langré 

Dress: Again via Revolve | Shoes: Derek Lam | Earrings: Annie Costello Brown

We had the chance to look inside from the outside of the church peering into it’s massive windows on our tippy toes. I could take photos of this whimsically beautiful place all day, but alas is started to rain and Alicia and I made a run for it not quite sure where we were running. It was pouring and we quite literally ran into an open door of a house being remodeled. But not before I got chased by a small dog after we ran past the dog’s porch. I pleaded with that damn dog for a full minute while getting soaked before Alicia realized I was no longer right behind her. So there we are soaking wet, standing in a home being remodeled by two men. One who’s skin was the color of caramel and who’s eyes are a misty icey blue with dreads hastily tied in a messy bun. The other had beautiful expresso brown leather like skin and greying fade and 5 O’clock beard. They welcomed us into their home and we got to chatting about Bermuda and the way of life in Bermuda. And for some strange reason the conversation turned to relationships when the expresso one, who’s name I think was Keith, outright asked if we were in relationships. So there we were, wet, listening to Keith talk about men and relationships while icey blue eyes rolled himself a tobacco cigarette on an unfinished step.

Soon the rain let up and Keith gave us directions back to our Inn. Which was quite literally right around the corner. Alicia and I didn’t return to the church until the next day and this time there was someone inside cutting the grass preparing for a wedding. You see a lot of people come from all over the world to wed in this beautiful unfinished church. I can totally see why too.





  1. October 27, 2016 / 12:08 am

    Those shoes are insane! And you look amazing as always.


    • monroesteele
      October 28, 2016 / 5:06 pm

      Thank you so much!


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