Last week we dove into what one should and could wear to a lovely Summer or Fall wedding. If the wedding happens to be a cocktail, black tie or an evening wedding, you really can’t go wrong with wearing black. And if you play your cards right you can probably wear the same dress when you take you’re friend out to celebrate their divorce later down the line. Just kidding, that 50% of marriages end in divorce statement really isn’t accurate. I should know, I just read the studies for research purposes. I have however started to take a deeper look into this thing we call monogamy. Why you ask…because I just got asked to date a couple.

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Photography by Mike

Dress: (hurry they are having a 50% Off all dresses sale right now) | Shoes: Proenza Schouler | Earrings : H&M

So…remember I told you I’d been Tindering. I matched with this amazing guy. He was everything I wanted a man to be if I could build him from scratch. He was tall, 6’3” to be exact. He used proper grammar and punctuation (even using a semicolon in a message, A SEMICOLON!!!). He was very dapper and had an amazing tailored wardrobe. He was fine, no, FIONE. I looked forward to and enjoyed our daily chats and became pretty frustrated when after chatting for a good week, he’d not asked me out yet. But one day there is was, a book of a message. I mean a book! Nothing but blocks and blocks of grey texts. It started off amazingly. He told me what he was looking for and what he enjoyed doing. He wanted dates and dinners and cozy movies. He wanted passion and theatre and fried chicken wings. My heart started to race, awaiting for the moment I’d read when our first date would be. I had already started running outfit ideas in my head. It sounded amazing, me and this guy were gonna have the best Summer 16′ of all time! Then there it was….the word that nothing good ever follows: BUT……

And that’s when my reality quite literally and figuratively stretched and my mind was blown.

But, I have a lady.

[aesop_content color=”#FFFFFF” background=”auto” columns=”2″ position=”none” imgrepeat=”no-repeat” floaterposition=”left” floaterdirection=”up”]And this my friends is when my fantasy bubble popped. I read and re-read that one line about 5 times with a puzzled look on my face. He elaborated. This relationship he so craved involved not only me but also his girlfriend or wife…I’m not sure. He wanted me to think about it, try to digest it. No, he was not asking me for a threesome, although I’m sure he hoped that was somewhere down the line, he..excuse me, they, wanted to date me. There was something flattering about the whole proposition. I felt the validation Miranda must have had in that episode of SATC where she lured a couple who wanted to have a threesome to meet her, just for the validation of feeling wanted.

Even though she had zero intentions of following through. He told me I was very beautiful and amazing and wonderful. Then he wished me well, but not before asking me to consider it. So I did some digging to find out who this mystery woman was, and I found her. She is BREATHTAKING. Now look, I know I’m attractive. I’d say I’m an 8.5 on a good day but my personality can take me up to a 9. This girl was an 11. She looked like a Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model. When I showed my friend a photo of the couple, she literally said: DAMN. That’s one gorgeous couple and they could be all yours! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. I laughed till I cried.


Now, I don’t have anything against polyamorous folk. I find their lack or limited amount of jealousy refreshing and admirable. In stark comparison to me. I think people in polyamorous relationships are usually in serious communication with their partners always reassessing and setting boundaries. It’s something more monogamous relationships could take a tip from in the communication department.   It was a fun thought though, and provided me with a hearty laugh and this blog post, so I am grateful for the experience. I am however taking a hiatus from Tinder and taking myself to an evening rooftop event in this dress.

come for the fashion, stay for the stories





  1. Melissa
    August 4, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    Love your post lol … Need a book Monroe. Fab look

  2. JT
    August 8, 2016 / 9:06 pm

    Loved this post. And you’d be shocked (or maybe not) with the adventures and misadventures LOTS of us thirty somethings are going through with trying to find and maintain a relationship with a good guy. That book suggestion is a great idea if you ever felt inclined. Coming from a stylish and motivated person like you, I’d read it.

    • monroesteele
      August 9, 2016 / 6:51 pm

      haha, i may consider writing a book. we’ll see


  3. Dionne Barber
    August 11, 2016 / 1:26 am

    lol at the use of the semicolon via text. I’m dying about his proposition for you him & his ladyfriend though. It’s some freaks out there chile lol great post

    • monroesteele
      August 12, 2016 / 11:41 am

      Haha, at least he had good punctuation. Thanks!


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