Easy Chic with Monochrome


Whenever I want a chic look without trying too hard, I pull the monochrome card. It’s really easy, you just wear all similar colors down to the footwear and accessories. Something about the uniformity of it all looks very put together and yes, the fashion worlds least favorite word at the moment, CHIC. It doesn’t even matter that I wearing sequins in the day time! There are just no more rules in fashion. Wear whatever you damn well please. I got this skirt as well as this top from Loehmann’s a few years ago. That store used to be my jam. When they went out of business I was devastated. Now the new Chelsea Barney’s has taken over the old space and I visited recently to get that epic stairwell shot that instagrammers love. I also checked out their sale, which is now up to 60% off, way better than the 40% it was when I visited a month ago.

IMG_8121 IMG_8080 IMG_8127 IMG_8064 IMG_8106 IMG_8076 IMG_8090

Photography by Rose Lazard

Top: Nicole Miller | Skirt: Gryphon New York | Shoes: Tibi via The Real Real | Bag: Vintage from Brooklyn Flea Market | Lip: Nars Cruella Matte Lip Pencil

This weekend in New York City was absolute perfection. I spent Saturday having brunch with friends, walking around Prospect Park in Brooklyn and then checking out the Brooklyn Water Front in Dumbo. Today I strolled around the Upper East Side, took some blog photos with Rose (we had a ball by the way), before heading to Harlem and doing some grocery shopping. I’m very proud of myself for managing to get out of my apartment both days this weekend. I really want to get a bike but I feel like Harlem isn’t such a great place to ride. There aren’t many bike lanes and I’d be very apprehensive to ride in the streets.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I’m cooking a Blue Apron tonight so if you’re interested in seeing what it’s about, check out my snapchat Monroesteele.




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