Lush Rebel it’s in the Skirt


Ever since I’ve entered my 30s I have somewhat changed the way I dress. I put my body con mini dresses that I can’t wear underwear with, to rest and adapted a little more refinement. I still love something skin tight, but I opt for middy and below the knee dresses and skirts now. Good thing Kim Kardashian made that a thing again. But I digress, I love pencil skirts. They are my favorite kind of skirt because they are usually pretty form fitting to show off my curves, yet sophisticated and chic. When Lush Rebel contacted me about choosing a little something from their website, I knew this skirt was what I wanted in my closet immediately. It’s super sexy and fun but can be laced all the way down and paired with a thick knit sweater and over the knee boots for Fall.

IMG_1295 IMG_1281 IMG_1275 IMG_1325 IMG_1299 IMG_1268 IMG_1278 IMG_1264 IMG_1320

Photography by Jen Jean-Pierre

Top: Ekineyo | Skirt: c/o Lush Rebel GET 20% Off with Code: MONROE | Shoes: Alexander Wang

I love shooting with Jen, we always make magic together. We are really great friends and she is able to get a lot more energy from me that from newer photographers I’ve been working with. I wanted these photos to be fun and really highlight how amazingly cool this skirt is. I’m very excited for all the cool festivals, street fairs and events happening this Summer in NYC. CurlFest is coming up in 2 weeks and it will be my first time attending. I will also be rocking my au natural fro for the event for the very first time. That’s if I don’t chicken out. I plan to take my Marley Twist out and take my fro for a few spins and see how I like it. I plan on watching copious amounts of YouTube tutorials and stalk people for information on all the best products. I may even book a little hair appointment through Lookbooker  App and get it professionally done.

Speaking of Lookbooker, give it a whirl and use my promo code MONROE20 for 20% Off your first booked appointment through the Lookbooker App. I recently used it to get the best mani/pedi I’ve ever had. You can also get 20% off at Lush Rebel where this cool skirt it from with Promo Code: MONROE.

If you are natural and have some favorite hair care products please drop me a comment below.





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