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Fall is right around the corner. There is a crispness in the air at night and in the early morning when the city wakes up. It still gets pretty intensely warm and humid during the day, but during these late nights and early mornings you can feel Fall on the Horizon. It’s that special time before fashion week and just as the season’s are set to change that I am in limbo with one foot in Summer and one in Fall. The transition from season’s in New York is not a gradual one. You simply wake up one day, and put on a cardigan or a light sweater and all of a sudden the leaves have changed their color over night. It’s that maddening time of year when you want to put your summer clothes away and slowly add Fall transition pieces such as light slacks, and comfy flats. I always manage to keep wearing tiny summer tanks though…usually with one of my boyfriends denim button ups tied around my waist or thrown hastily over my shoulders for train rides in the air conditioning and night walks in Prospect Park.

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Photography by LOE

Tank Top: ASOS | Slacks: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Tibi via The Real Real | Watch: c/o JORD Watches | Hat: Brixton via Revolve Clothing


On this day I took a stroll to one of my favorite areas in Harlem, Hamilton Grange. I love the Hamilton Terrace area in Harlem for its quaint rows of brownstones. It’s quiet and right around the corner from my favorite brunch spot Il Cafe Latte II. Hamilton Grange is basically on City College Campus. It was the home of Alexander Hamilton and sits perched on a hill overlooking St. Nicholas Park. The lovely cottage home was actually 500 ft away and moved to where it now stands on a hill in St. Nicholas Park in 2008.

As the last days of Summer draw near I find myself wanting the fresh air and to be outdoors more often. It’s like I’m savoring the sunshine and the heat on my skin and blades of green grass beneath my feet. Hamilton Grange smells like would and grass and earth and it reminds me of home, of North Carolina. I know what lies ahead. Yes, Fall is beautifully awing and stunning as the leaves change, but Winter…how I hate thee. These Tibi slide-on’s are my new favorite purchase from The Real Real and they are in heavy rotation, even as it’s still warm outside. I know soon enough they will be my number one Fall accessories, until my toes are too numb from the chill of Winter. Fringe is so in.




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