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On days like today in New York City, when it’s 1000 degrees outside and the humidity is at it’s height, a girl needs a “just throw it on” dress. I’m sure you have one. It’s the one you put on to go to the corner store, or when you’re going for a walk in the park. It’s your comfortable yet slightly fashionable dress. This dress from Urban Outfitters is that dress for me. I swear I wear it atleast twice a week.

DSC_8952 DSC_8948 DSC_8949

Photography by Isaiah Pickens

Dress: Sparkle & Fade via Urban Outfitters


This dress is my lounge dress. It’s the dress I wear to sit on the couch, eat Talenti and watch the Bachelorette in. It’s the dress I take a million selfies in but hardly ever an outfit post. Heck for this one I didn’t even leave the comfort of my own home! It’s too hot anyway to do anything but relax in the cool air.




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