Nike Free 5.0

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Nike Free 5.0 c/o JD Sports

I’ve been a runner off and on. I have my moments. I was more into it last year and the year before. Nike made me a believer with these Bright pink babes and my trusty Nike Roshes. But now these Nike Free 5.0s are my new favorites. I’ve been begging my boyfriend to start our mornings with a run and this past weekend I got to test these babies out on the Prospect Park running trail. They are like magic on my feet. They feel even better than the roshes if that is even possible.

I started a new job recently and I’m on my feet a lot and had started getting foot pain (plantar fasciitis) in my left foot. Sometimes it was so bad I ended up limping around the office. So I started wearing these to work instead and the pain is gone! Not only are they great for running but they are just all around comfortable. I plan on adding more and more sneakers to my minuscule collection.

I’m testing them again tomorrow morning…say hello if I see you on the Prospect Park running trail!




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