Scentbird, the next best thing in monthly deliveries


There are so many new box companies popping up it’s hard to keep track! For your curly hair, there’s curlBox. For trying out new products, there’s PinchMe. For beauty products there’s Birchbox. For delish snacks there’s The Cravory. I mean you can get a subscription to basically anything but Scentbird is definitely the next best thing when it comes to subscription deliveries!

I am a perfume maniac. I need a new scent for each season and for the way I’m feeling that day. When I’m feeling sexy, I wear Love Rocks by Victoria’s Secret. When I’m feeling or want to convey softness and nurturing, I wear Kenzo Amour. When I want to feel like I’m going to kick some ass, I wear Tom Ford Black Orchid or Prada Infusion. When I want to feel flirty and cute and just smell good, I reach for my Prada Candy or Marc Jacobs Daisy (These two are pretty much my everyday scents). So when I got invited to try out Scentbird, I didn’t hesitate. For $14.95 a month, you get a new delivery of a perfume of your choice to try each month. The perfume comes in a perfect 30 day supply bottle too.  And Scentbird’s inventory of perfumes is MASSIVE with over 350 scents to choose from.


I just received my first scent, Gucci Flora and I LOVE IT! It’s definitely getting added to my everyday scent rotation! Make sure to check out Scentbird if you’re looking to try out tons of perfumes!

PS. For an awesome discount use promo code: BIRD50




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