NYFW: CuteCircuit S/S 2015

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Photo Cred: The Courier-Journal

I kicked off fashion week viewing a unique and innovative brand I had never heard of called, CuteCircuit. Designer duo Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella had me in for a huge surprise as the models hit the runway in garments with interactive textiles and intelligent microfibers. That’s right, if you haven’t guessed it we have entered the realm of wearable technology. The UK brand is the first of its kind blending the likes of couture and technology into a happy marriage.

It was a “fashion forward” sight to see, I myself had never seen anything like it. With shades of mustard, orange, blue, creams and black the models strutted in high low dresses, maxi and pleated skirts, tailored suits and swimsuits ( minus the technology for all obvious reasons). The highlight for me was the pill box clutches with LED lights that scrolled across spelling LOVE. It was such a dainty touch that I was drawn to.

A noted fact about  the brand is that the clothes are chargeable ( yes, like your iPhone, Android or whatever you have) and the wearer is able to change the features and patterns with a push of a button. At the beginning of the show  the designers stated that social media,  innovation, and customization are vital in today’s times, and the world of fashion needs to catch up.

 Way ahead of the trend and leading the pack makes CuteCircuit very unique, but will the fashion world embrace it?

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