waiting for the bus

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I spend at least 30 minutes a day waiting for a bus. I actually prefer taking the bus over the train because I like to be above ground, see the sights and have access to my phone (yes my phone is about 75% of why I prefer buses). I love that the bus is usually less crowded than a train at peak hours and the AC is always a reprieve away from the beaming hot sun. I usually take my ginormous Sony headphones everywhere to avoid having to talk to the weirdos and those “trying to holla“. Even if I hear them…sometimes I pretend I don’t. I usually have a crossword puzzle from the amNY newspaper with me as well to pass the time.

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Dress: H&M | Sneakers: Nike | Plaid Shirt: Forever 21 | Headphones: Sony | Handpiece: Monroe x  Midori


I recently got these Nike Rosher Run sneakers and they are the best thing since sliced bread. I do a ton of walking everyday, up hills, down hills, up stairs, across Central Park and back and I needed a good pair of sneakers. These Nike‘s fit the bill and they are super stylish and comfortable too. I have worn them just about everyday since buying them! I’m definitely going to need a another pair soon at this rate.

If my headphones are plugged into my phone, there is only one thing I’m listening to, and thats my Soundcloud. There are a few DJs I follow closely and listen to their playlists on heavy rotation. If you are into anything from hip hop to soca to your classic ratchet check out THIS DJ and for a more mainstream sound try THIS DJ.




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