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 photo 063683x455_zps19500a71.jpg I’m a little devastated. Catherine Bennett, senior vice president and managing director at IMG has reported that they will not be inviting fashion bloggers to the shows anymore. They also said they may implement a new invitation exclusive pass for fashion insiders only baring fashion bloggers, celebrities and street style photographers. I guess I wont be getting any invites next season. I think its kind of harsh. I love fashion week but I don’t just go for the shows. I always do interviews and show reviews. Those reviews may reach some who are interested in fashion but don’t attend shows. I think it gives designers a greater reach when there at 50+ bloggers at a show live tweeting, instagraming and blogging about them. The chances that a garment on a runway will end up in a magazine months later versus the immediate buzz of bloggers is priceless. Not to mention it boost the economy of New York City even if the fashion enthusiast just come to check out the scene outside Lincoln Center. But it seems Lincoln Center is revamping two of its major spaces to accommodate less people thus eliminating a lot of invites that once went out. Accreditation will also be harder to obtain from IMG.
 photo 242.jpg I think IMG is doing a little too much. The idea is to get the word out and all press is good press whether it be big or small. This is especially true for new designers that can only show in the smaller venues at Lincoln Center and want all eyes on them. IMG is saying this now but I’m almost 100% positive it will be up to the designers. Designers like Rebecca Minkoff who has even has a fashion blogger walk her runway are not going to adhere to this at all. I’m positive Leandra Medine of ManRepeller, Chiara of The Blonde Salade, Aimee Song of Song of Style will continue to be a presence at Lincoln Center. And some of those large bloggers don’t even do show reviews or blog about the actual shows at all but they are front row and outfitted by the designers themselves. I get that IMG thinks Fashion Week has become a circus but its the same as Fashion Week in Paris. The past 5 seasons I have attended they’ve all been exactly the same. Check out the article HERE. There is also another great article from the New York Times discussing the relevance of Fashion Week.

Disabled Mannequins

As someone who works with people who have disabilities I was completely moved by this video. It really almost made me cry. We have to celebrate each other in any way, shape or form that we come in. It must have been a real rush for those who participated to get to see a representation of themselves instead of those perfect mannequins that don’t really represent anyone in real life.

Ohhhhh Kanye….you keep me entertained

There are no words.





  1. December 7, 2013 / 4:03 pm

    I saw the news about this on Racked earlier. Im quite disappointed. I understand it has become a frenzy but its blantant classicism. Its a disregard for any form of media press or those on the lower packing order that has given them recognition and helped to spread the word of fashion. I know somewhere there is a girl or boy out in Nevada reading these blogs and reviews and looking at photos that we do, you do and professional ap photographers do and thinks, “i love this all and this is my only access.” Its saddening to think that the forthcoming exclusivity will shut up millions of voices. We will still blog but the awesomeness of fashion week will be missed. Its not the end though..

  2. January 3, 2014 / 10:29 am

    This is definitely a shame. I hope small bloggers like myself who were aspiring towards Fashion Week don’t get discouraged but just try even harder to reach their blogging goals. And you’re right. Bloggers are too influential in the fashion Industry for this to stand across the board.

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