A Laxative….for your face? Swiss Kriss the answer to perfect complexion?

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Ok so I am somewhat of a skin care nut. I along with just about every other female on the planet, I crave glorious, flawless skin. It’s still a struggle everyday, with adult acne, menstruation breakouts and a stressful job its hard just to remember to wash my face! So when I was perusing Refinery29 and came across this article and people swearing that this Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative is their facial savoir, I had to try it. hey it was less than 5 bucks so why the hell not.
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I boiled a large pot of water, threw in 2 teaspoons of the Swiss Kriss Flakes, and threw my face over the pot with a towel overhead. I let the steam…steam my face. It felt hot. I started sweating a lot. My eyelashes starting sweating. The sweat formed droplets on my lashes and nose and dripped back into the pot. There is a very slight smell that mostly smelt like Parsley. At first its hard to breath but then it gets easier. I sweated for about 7 minutes than washed my face.
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Afterward I must admit I felt refreshed. My skin was tighter and my pores (especially the large inherited ones on my cheeks) were smaller. My face felt a little brighter too. It was like all the disgusting yucky stuff trapped inside my skin had been released. Much like what its supposed to do for your bowels lol. I think I will do this once a week and see if it makes any lasting difference.
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Check out more of my skin regime HERE and HERE or try out the Swiss Kriss yourself HERE. You can also check out my Clarisonic Review HERE.
Have any of you all tried this stuff out? What do you think? And by all means please let me know if you’ve heard of any other weird skin care products that seem to work!


  1. Jae
    October 24, 2013 / 10:13 pm

    I will be lookin into this product. I love your new site super dope.

  2. Nita
    January 31, 2023 / 9:19 am

    I used Swiss Kriss regulary when I was 20, back in the 70’s . It was a nice relaxing facial that did once every few weeks and I believe it was also helped for breathing & my sinuses. I have often wondered if the product was still being made. Just ordered it on Amazon. Thanks!

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