Jewelry Designer to Watch: Sarah Richey

I first came across Sarah Richey Jewelry on Instagram of all places! I immediately fell in love with her jewelry. I hunted her down and she agreed to do a quick interview!
How did you get into the jewelry business?
I was going to Belmont University in Nashville, TN studying studio art and interned for a local goldsmith. I was introduced to a new world of gemstones, chains, precious metals, etc. I would stay in the work studio till 2 am sometimes, just hammering way with her tools. It was magical. 
What kind of schooling/education/classes did you take to learn how to make jewelry?
After college I really had an itch for something different in my life. I moved to NYC to further my career as a jewelry designer. I attended alot of different metalsmith workshops in Brooklyn and one that I still sometimes attend called Bianca Lopez Studio in Soho. I find that there is always more to learn and gain in this industry. 
Take me through the process of designing a piece from concept to tangible piece.
I always dream up most of my designs. Which is totally a blessing! I have my sketch book by my bed, so when I wake up I can just sketch away! Sketching a design is crucial…after making sure the piece looks functional on paper, I then start to either mold it from wax or cut the form from silver scrapes. The process is different for every piece I design. Most of my pieces though are first formed in wax and carved. After the carving process I cast it in metal. Its pretty intense! But thats the beauty of it…each piece is handmade with love. 🙂
Where do you get inspiration for your collection of jewelry?
I get alot of my inspiration from walking around Central Park in New York, or going to different art museums. I have always been fascinated by nature and rocks ever since I was little going hiking with my dad at his farm. We would always pick up fossils, rocks, bones, etc. So, I would also have to say my farm in Tennessee.
 What are certain elements you like to incorporate into your jewelry?
I love casting branches and bones into pieces of functional art. As well as making pieces out of crystals, coral, and rare material like meteorites. I mean, lets be real…doesnt everyone want a bracelet that has an actual falling star on it? How cool is that?!
What kind of woman/girl would wear a Sarah Richey piece?
My girl, Daphne Guinness. She has been my muse on several pieces that I’ve designed. I sometimes picture her while making my big statement rings or necklaces. I will meet her one of these days!
What is your favorite piece from your collection of jewelry and why?
That’s very hard to say, but I wont leave my apartment without my two 14k yellow gold snake rings and my Luida cuff bracelet. Luida comes with me everywhere I go. That cuff was my very first piece I ever made in my metalsmith class. It really represents my line and style very well. I especially like the new Luida cuff design with the big black geode crystal attached to it. 
Where is Sarah Richey Jewelry sold? Any specific stores in New York City?
 To view all of the retail stores that carry my line check HERE.
You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (sarahricheyjewelry).
Make sure to checkSarah Richey Jewelry out! That silver cuff and skull ring are my favorites!




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