7 Places to Take the Best #OOTD Photos in New York City

Patchin Place

The cutest little dead-end street often featured in Sex and the City is a favorite amongst photographers and bloggers to take outfit of the day photos. It’s super quiet and charming and feels like you’re not even in a metropolitan city. I’d go super early because it’s included in a lot of walking tours of Greenwich Village. Also be considerate when shooting and be extra quiet. After all people do live here and there’s in echo. There’s even a 19th Century Gas Lamp on this block; one of only two remaining in New York City!  

Minetta St & Minetta Lane

This has to be one of the most popular blocks for fashion bloggers. This infamous grey wall has been used so many times, residents come to expect bloggers here, especially on the weekends. This wall doesn’t do well for melanin skin, so I’ve only shot here once but if grey scale is your thing, then this is your block. It’s quite charming. 

Grove & Bedford (Friends Apartment)

I love love love this area of West Village. Every street is so beautiful full of picture perfect townhouses. This area is quite brown and makes for great moody photos like these. I’ve also found that Summer Outfits (ie. lots of color) work well in this area of brown, taupe and white townhouses with lots of green foliage. This particular corner is quite special because apparently it’s the neighborhood/apartment building of Friends (the television show). Also my favorite brunch spot of all time Buvette is on this street. So shoot and then go have a delicious French breakfast.

Crosby St

Crosby Street is one of my favorites in New York City for people watching. I also love it because Rihanna used to live in the neighborhood, before she gave up her New York City digs. Nomo Soho Hotel has the infamous arch walkway of twinkle lights and foliage right on this block. It’s the perfect instagram moment and you’ll have to wait in a line of no less than 5 people if you get there after 10am. Go early, get your shots and then have brunch at Nomo Kitchen. This street is also great for editorial looks like this one (shot right across the street from Nomo Soho Hotel). A street or two over and you can get the grungy, badass look with graffiti and plastered posters on the doors and walls. 11 Howard Hotel is also right around the corner and great for photo ops, videos and special holiday editorials that call for eclectic spaces (like their amazing bar). 

Soho (Mercer, Greene or Wooster and Prince Street)

Soho is an absolute favorite place to shoot more editorial style looks in New York City. Anywhere along Mercer, Greene or Wooster will do. You get the cobblestone streets and the charming shop facades. Shoot on a Sunday morning, when the shops don’t open until noon. Come around 9-10am and have the whole place to yourself. I’ve shot tons of videos, outfit of the day photos and more in the early mornings here and then of course head into a few stores for shopping at noon. Parking is super easy before 11am as well. 

Photography by Rose Lazard || Editing by Monroe Steele

Thrifted Top | Tibi Skirt get similar here | Jennie Ellen Sandals | Fanm Djanm head wrap | Indigo Pony Earrings


Staple Street Skybridge

This is a favorite amongst fashion bloggers and anyone who wants a good instagram photo! The Skybridge nestled between two buildings on the most New York of streets is the perfect backdrop for any fashion forward photo. If you really edit the photo to bring out the lines in the facades of both buildings, you’re sure to get every like of everyone who scrolls past this photo. Go when it’s snowing for an extra cool photo or even at night when the street laps cast the most amazing glow. 

Dumbo Brooklyn Waterfront

I love Dumbo. Like seriously. I love it. You get Jane’s Carousel, the industrial buildings and of course the view of the Williamsburg Bridge on the Washington Street. I’ve taken so many photos here throughout the years and it’s so easy to shoot several looks and make them all look very different. For instance check out this easy breezy look in a very industrialized area, this video not 100 ft away and this look right around the corner. All of these were shot on the same day and took less than an hour. 

Drop your favorite areas to take photos in New York City below!

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  1. Faith
    August 9, 2018 / 8:08 am

    Your look is EVERYTHING!

    • monroesteele
      August 9, 2018 / 12:57 pm

      Thanks so much! Its always the outfits we don’t really plan that seem to work out the best LOL.


  2. Gloria
    August 9, 2018 / 6:07 pm

    LUUUUU….UUUVVVEEEE the pairing of this outfit!!! Gave me #ideas for my next date thanks for sharing all the wonderful locations. I always love the locations you chose and how is it that there seems to never be anyone else around to ruin the shot

    • monroesteele
      August 11, 2018 / 8:59 am

      YAS! Thank you so much for reading and have fun on your date boo! I just get there early thats all and people are usually really respectful when they see you taking photos and try not to get in the way.


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