Havana in the City — A Taste of Cuba in NYC

Going to Havana, Cuba last year was one of the best and eye opening experiences of my life. For those interested in my trip check out my Guide to Havana Cuba as well as my daily journal blog posts from my trip. Some of the best food I had in Havana was at little known mom and pop shops. Yes, La Guarida had real ambience but honestly the food wasn’t the best (the drinks on the rooftop were indeed amazing though). I must stress that the food in Cuba was pretty unremarkable. Even so I’ve come to love a good Cuban sandwich every now and again even though I’m not the biggest fan of pork (yes, I dated a Muslim for a good while and the smell still gets to me). Anywho, there are so many places right here in New York City where you can get a taste of Havana and I’ve narrowed the list down for you! So even if you can’t hop the next JetBlue flight to Havana, you can have a little taste of it here in New York City.

Photography by Rose Lazard || Editing by Monroe Steele

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Cubana Café
Rose took me here a few weeks ago and it was divine. I had the Cuban Sandwich with a chickpea salad that was to LIVE for. I also got a taste of Roses’ mojito and it was refreshing, crisp and sure to get you drunk. LOL. Everything looks and smells just as good as it tastes and it’s located on the cutest block of bars and shops in Caroll Gardens Brooklyn. Make sure to bring cash for the cash only spot but don’t worry they have an onsite ATM.

Habana Outpost
This place is the entire WAVE in the summertime in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It serves delicious Mexican-Cuban cuisine and of course the Cuban Sandwich with a side of grilled corn is a MUST. I also love that they have movie nights every Sunday of the summer. So grab your boo and snuggle up under the stars for a movie and some bomb food.

Harlem’s Floridita
Floridita’s in Havana Cuba was the place to be for the best drink of your life and dirty dancing to a live band with an Italian DOM (a DOM is code for Dirty Old Man). And right here in Harlem is Floridity’s a Cuban-Caribbean restaurant. The food is great and they also have a live music and a daily happy hour worth taking your co-workers to and getting completely wasted .

Head down to Columbus Circle for some of the highest rated Cuban food in the city and even smoke a hand rolled cigar but only on the weekends.

Havana Central Times Square
This is the only reason I go to Times Square. I’ve spent plenty an evening eating their delicious corn and sampling every cocktail on their extensive menu. The only way to tolerate Times Square is with a delicious alcoholic beverage in your system. Drink Responsibly Kids.

Go forth and eat…or just book a flight to Havana.

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