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One of the premises of Fashion Steele NYC is to show you where you can find the best fashion steals for less. So when I hear about new websites or apps that help you find the best discounts, I have to shout it from the virtual rooftops. I am always hunting for deals. I will stalk an item for months until it goes on sale or visit a website every single day until the price is just right. Did you know there is a site that already does all the searching and lurking for you? Fashion Lane is website where users can find the best sales from over 80+ online stores. I’m not talking about the rinky dink stores people rarely shop at either; I’m talking ASOS, Saks Fifth Ave, Urban Outfitters, and my personal new favorite, Anthropologie. Fashion Lane monitors product price drops for pieces daily so you don’t have to.

Fashion Lane works best when you have a generic item in mind that you want, but want to find it for the best price. For example if you are looking for the perfect pair of mules or a velvet kimono for Fall (I’m actually looking for this pieces to add to my wardrobe), you just type in that product and Fashion Lane brings up the highest discounted velvet kimono first! Then you can just peruse until you find “The One”. Fashion Lane also lets you set price alerts for specific items that you want to stalk until the price drops.

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Another great thing that I love about this site is not only does it already look for the more discounted item you want and lets you set a price alert, it also scans the worldwide web for coupon codes & deals FOR YOU! I love a good deal and usually i’ll compare prices between sites, choose the cheapest one and then spend a few minutes looking for a discount code. I LIVE by this system. But Fashion Lane does it all for me and has made shopping so much easier. It can also help you to never feel those pangs of lost money when you see an item you bought for significantly less later. Hate when that happens!

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and shop (and save at the same time).

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