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If you follow me closely you know that I am an Alexander Wang fanatic especially when it comes to his shoes. I have a growing collection of Wangs from previous seasons such as these red Aminata’s and these lovely double strapped Nikola’s. Yes it’s so serious I know the shoes by their actual names and call them as such. I just acquired these Wang flat boots that I wear with everything.

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Photography By Deem Sanders

Dress: Naked Wardrobe | Jacket: Dallin Chase | Shoes: Alexander Wang Lys

I scored these Wang Lys Boots on Ebay after scouring the internet for them. I’m so happy to have found them in my size. They are super comfortable and have been perfect these last few weeks of batsh*t crazy weather we’ve had here in NYC. Today marks the first day we’ve hit 80 degrees. It feels damned good! But I’ll definitely be putting these darlings away for Fall soon. Ohh…Happy May! My birthday is in 11 days and I’m pretty stoked for it.




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