Clavicular Fashion


I get into these patterns of spending my weekends cleaning my apartment and watching old seasons of Sex and the City and for the past two months I’ve been stuck on season 5. The season where the real Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant and ran around wearing all these fancy tent dresses. I am now obsessed with tent dresses. Preferably ones that show off my clavicle. I call it clavicular fashion. I once has an old boyfriend who was pretty obsessed with my clavicles and he praised them anytime I wore something low cut to show them off. That was kinda weird. But then again he cooked regularly for me and so I never complained.

IMG_4115 IMG_4188 IMG_4154 IMG_4227 IMG_4084 IMG_4101

Photography by Nigel Isaiah

Dress: Phillip Lim | Boots: Vera Wang | Cardigan: c/o Glamorous | Sunnies: Ray Ban


When I saw this dress hanging skimply on a wire hanger at La Boutique Resale I knew I wanted it. It was strapless, a gorgeous blue hue and score..IT HAS POCKETS. Not to mention is was marked down 70% which put it right at $39.99. This spot has been a a real gem for me. I also scored this stunning Badgely Mischka dress there as well. I love November and December because its the time of year when lots of holiday parties take place. It’s the best time of year to pull out your fancy dresses and layer them up with sweaters and booties for a more relaxed look. This black and white cardigan from Glamorous is my new favorite. I plan on pairing it with everything. I purposely got it oversized so its more like a jacket that a cardigan.

I’m all about a great holiday dress, even if sleeveless. A cool leather jacket or layered the right way and it can be just as fun and weather appropriate. Also if I ever decide to put my eggs to use, I’ll already have a few bump appropriate pieces. 🙂




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