The Insiders Guide to Bermuda

Last week I had the opportunity to host my first ever trip and luckily it was to one of my favorite places on earth, Bermuda. Kristin White, a business woman heavily involved in tourism in Bermuda reached out earlier this this with the concept and I was immediately on board. She proposed that we host a tour to the island and also bring locals and tourist together to foster relationships. The premise really was to get more Black women from the US to visit Bermuda. Although Bermuda has a majority of Black people tourism to the island is made up of only 4% of Black people. Bermuda is looking to change that and Kristin’s idea was to bring more Black American’s to the island while promoting all Bermuda has to offer when it comes to Black Owned Businesses.

It was a genius idea and I’m just happy that I could bring a little awareness to Bermuda with my platform. We had an amazing stay and although this was my 3rd time to Bermuda, I learned the most during this trip. Kristin curated an excellent itinerary from start to finish. I learned about the Black History of Bermuda, experienced the art, cuisine and culture in just 5 days. Bermuda is only a 1.5 hour plane ride from New York City, so if you’re looking for a quick getaway to  beautiful tropical island rich with history and culture, go ahead and book your flight to Bermuda. I feel like I have the real Insiders Guide to Bermuda now and here’s the 411


Aunt Neas Inn — I’ve had the pleasure of staying at Aunt Nea’s Inn twice. I loved my stay. Its a beautiful inn in St. George’s and within walking distance to the main shopping street in St. Georges and all the attractions like the Unfinished Church and Tobacco Bay Beach. St. Georges is considered the older part of time. It’s colorful and a lot slower than Hamilton. 

Hamilton Princess — This is one of the more pricey hotels in Hamilton which is more of a city area in Bermuda. It’s within walking distance to the main Front Street where theres tons of shopping from MAC to Urban Cottage. The hotel itself underwent a massive renovation under new owners and now has a very impressive collection of art from Picasso to Banksy. Hamilton Princess is home to Marcus, the restaurant of Marcus Samuelson who also owns Red Rooster in Harlem, New York. This hotel even has its own mini shopping center inside. If you’re looking for a 5 star experience I’d highly recommend Hamilton Princess. 


Book A Tour — Definitely book at tour to learn more about the rich history of Bermuda with Kristin White. I took her Historical Tour and it was thorough and amazing. There are so many places in Bermuda on the African American Heritage Trail. The tour was enlightening and we even got a taste of Bermuda from stops at two Black owned restaurants in Bermuda. 

Visit Tobacco Bay Beach — This is my favorite beach on earth, probably because you can walk all the way out and the water is only waist deep LOL. It’s a stunning beach perfect for snorkeling. It’s where I take my famed plank photo every year. The service at Tobacco Bay is superb. The swizzles are strong and the views unmatched. It’s the perfect beach for a chill afternoon. 

Charter True Bermuda Yacht — One the last full day of our trip to Bermuda we chartered a yacht and it was the best thing ever! First of all it’s a Black owned business and the boat is absolutely stunning. It was perfect for a group of 10. From the moment we stepped on board we were given drinks and our cups were never empty. I hooked up my #BUTFIRSTCOFFEE playlist to the bluetooth and the party commenced. We sailed to an amazing spot and docked for a few hours of swimming in the sea, eating jerk chicken and dancing the day away. It was truly one of the major highlights of this trip for me.


Visit the Bermuda Society of Arts — We had the chance to visit the gallery during our trip and I loved all the works. They have some mazing art mostly by local Bermudian artists and they even have a small shop where you can buy some of the pieces. If you are into art this is a must do to add to your Bermuda itinerary. 

Book a Catered Meal by UMAMI SPICE Creator Rinelle Elizabeth — We had the best catered meal by Rinelle and she used some of her amazing UMAMI spice blends. The spices are truly amazing but she is a gifted chef. I have the most subulate lamb chops and home made ice cream I’d ever had in my life thanks to her. And if she won’t cook for you, buy her spices and do it yourself. 


The Bermudian Dollar to the American Dollar is one to one. The island accepts American Dollars and most every place accepts credit cards. Cab rides can range anywhere for 15-25 Bermudian dollars. Gas is extremely expensive in Bermuda $9 a gallon, so expect to pay higher prices for taxes. The island also has mopeds and tiny zip cars for rent too. I would not attempt it. The roads are tiny and very curvy. Just let the taxis do their thing. Food is also more expensive in Bermuda because nearly everything is imported. 


Tempest Bistro Bermuda — 22 Water St. St. Georges, Bermuda

This was hands down the best meal I had while in Bermuda. I can’t believe I hadn’t eaten there during my previous 2 visits! For an appetizer go for the Scarpetta. It was finger licking good and super fresh. Thanks to Kristen for introducing me to this delectable treat. Next up get the Bermuda Fabb Sandwich. FABB – Fish (cod), Avocado, Bacon and Banana! Yes, its a weird combo but Bermuda is all about a salty + sweet combo and this sandwich was DELICIOUS! I nearly ate my own finger trying to devour it. 

Sweet Saak Bakery — 16 York St, St. Georges, Bermuda

This is another Black owned business that I’ve visited multiple times. They have the best baked goods from cinnamon rolls to cakes and pies. They had just come out with a new pumpkin cinnamon roll that was life changing. If you stop by St. Georges for a beach day at Tobacco Bay, definitely stop by on your way for something sweet and hit up Tempest Bistro for dinner on your way out. 


Marcus at Hamilton Princess Hotel

Hands down the best fish cakes and grilled cauliflower I’ve ever had. Even their fries are delicious but I absolutely loved their cheesecake desert. It came with the honey and jam on the side that I’d pay to have bottled and shipped to New York for me. 

Jamaican Grill — 32 Court Street Hamilton, Bermuda

This place was one of the best meals I had while in Bermuda. After our Art Tour and checking our a few businesses we headed here for lunch. It’s funny because I actually ate here once before on a very late night after partying at Tobacco Bay Beach the last time I was Bermuda. I never remember the name but now I know. I got the stewed chicken with rice and peas and veggies along with a cornbread. It was so so good. Trust me, just eat there and thank me later


Urban Cottage Bermuda — Glam clothing and accessories

Long Story Short — Books, Handmade body products and gifts

Orange Bay Company — The Best Thrift Store in Bermuda

David Rose — Precious Jewelry

1609 Design — Jewelry, Trinkets and Gifts

Naked Zero — All Natural Non Toxic Vegan Products


Check out my Packing For Bermuda Video for all outfit details of things I wore in Bermuda. Head to the description box below the video for links to everything I wore. It’s easier to get to the description box from a laptop when watching the video.


Make sure to check out my Guide to the Most Instagrammable Places in Bermuda too. I cooked that one up last year when I visited. Drop any other questions you have below or reach out to Kristin White if you plan on visiting and would like a tour or to have a custom itinerary made for you. Very special thank you to all of the Bermudians who opened their business to us and joined in our events as well as the special ladies who joined me on this trip. Y’all are the best!




Special thanks to Kristin White and all of the Bermudian business owners for such a warm welcome. Photography by Langre Edwards and Kendal Trott. 


  1. Pamela
    October 16, 2019 / 1:53 pm

    I went to Bermuda for spring break when I was 19. That was many years ago but Bermuda has always been one of my favorite destinations. So happy you had a fabulous time.

    • monroesteele
      October 20, 2019 / 9:47 pm

      Oh nice! Its such a beautiful island! Thank you!

  2. Belle
    October 16, 2019 / 2:56 pm

    Thanks so much for this! Thinking of going to Bermuda for my birthday in December and this is exactly what I needed.

    • monroesteele
      October 20, 2019 / 9:47 pm

      Thats a great time to go! Thanks for reading!


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